Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Ian Bagheean

It all started because his name is so easy to make into other things.

Ian Schmeean.
Ian Bahgeean.
Eee Bahgee.
Eezer Sneezer.

Today my little Eezer is five. Five years old. Nowhere close to toddler-ish. I can't even pretend. He's a full-blown kid, and there's no getting around it. With Nate being in Denver we're putting off cake and family presents until he gets back, but today is the official day.

My last baby... not so much a baby anymore. I may want to reconsider changing my blog name. We don't even have "bedtime underwear" in the house. (Hallelujah!)

Oh, Ian. That small place on the back of your neck that I love to kiss so much is getting bigger with each passing day. Your smile brings joy to our hearts, and we're all so blessed that you're perfectly... exactly... you.

Happy Birthday, Buddy Bear!

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Brandi said...

Happy Birthday Ian!!!!

You have grown soooo big. Makayla misses you so much.

The pictures are great!!!!

Susie said...

If your baby is turning five, then that means my oldest one is ALMOST there. Ack! Where does the time go??
Happy Birthday Ian!!

Thany said...

Sigh, I know this well. My 5 year old sweetie may still be able to crawl up in my lap and curl into a ball but he's been slowly slipping off more and more each day. Keep kissing that spot, my friend, even if you have to stand on your tiptoes to do it.

Lalena said...

Breathe in every moment! Happy Birthday Ian!

Dani said...

Wow, he looks so much like Taylor did at that age.

Christine said...

Happy Birthday to Ian yesterday!!! Uncle Jeremy and I really miss you.

*emmy said...

All our babies are growing up *sigh*. But even when we are having to stand on our toes to kiss them they will always, and always be our babies.


The Adventure said...

Happy Birthday Ian...what a handsome little guy!!

Amy said...

Happy Belated Birthday Ian!

I understand this so well Angela. My baby will be five soon as well. It's a amazing to me how a house of pre-schoolers, has turned into one of pre-teens, and all of whom will be in school come September. Somedays I want to freeze time. However you have inspired me to make today a YES day. I haven't had one in a while. :)