Saturday, March 29, 2008


"Like Frank Sinatra, like Elvis and his mom
Like Al Pacino's cash nothin' lasts in this life..."

Couldn't resist a little Switchfoot right there.

Nate and I are headed out to NEW YORK CITY tomorrow. That's right. The Big Apple. Just the two of us. Pure craziness. His mom is coming to take care of the kiddos and we are OFF!

I'll post pictures, updates, all that good stuff after we get back. Maybe sassy shoes? You just neva, neva know. Aaaaaaa!!!! The home of Stacy & Clinton! It's almost too much!
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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Sunshine, Dresses, & Candy

Our weekend was full and fabulous, which is maybe why I'm just now getting around to posting pictures. A park BBQ, egg hunts (plural!), a house brimming with friends both old and new... I'm so thankful I serve a LIVING God! He brings us life... and life to the full. (John 10:10) That's MY King!

Egg Hunting is serious business.

After the big dodgeball game.

Daddy's Little Princess

"Mom, can we go yet? Do you have to take more pictures?"
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Saturday, March 22, 2008

The Awesomeness of Awesome Music

From time to time I come across amazing music. Not the kind that you listen to and think, "Hmm, that's cool." But the kind that sticks to your bones. You've heard the song once and already your soul is soaring. You can't stop singing it. It's the music that's in your head when you make that annoying bathroom trip at three in the morning. It comes to your mind on a Sunny day when you're walking to your car. You turn the radio off because what's in your head is so much better. That kind of music.

I want to start a new feature on my blog. In my side bar I'll have links to music that is, for me, truly the awesomeness of awesome. Some of them are friends, many just amazing artists I happened upon. Some unknown, others known... but maybe not by you until now.

Ryan Shupe and the RubberBand

I think I blogged about these guys around two years ago. They're so good, and I've got to give them the limelight again. (Because this blog is such a large source of said light.) Down to earth, down home, with such a unique sound. Like a picnic blanket in the greenest of parks on the sunniest and most perfect of days. Great for grabbing your honey and dancing around your kitchen. Some Southern Rock mixed with that Foggy Mountain Breakdown bluegrass, a dash of pop, and that country soul rounding things out. Yet they don't conform to any category or specific sound. As Shupe says on their website,, "all the truly beautiful things in art and nature are unique."

Art, nature, and Ryan Shupe & the Rubberband. Go here, click on the jukebox link, and just let them play.
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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Ian Bagheean

It all started because his name is so easy to make into other things.

Ian Schmeean.
Ian Bahgeean.
Eee Bahgee.
Eezer Sneezer.

Today my little Eezer is five. Five years old. Nowhere close to toddler-ish. I can't even pretend. He's a full-blown kid, and there's no getting around it. With Nate being in Denver we're putting off cake and family presents until he gets back, but today is the official day.

My last baby... not so much a baby anymore. I may want to reconsider changing my blog name. We don't even have "bedtime underwear" in the house. (Hallelujah!)

Oh, Ian. That small place on the back of your neck that I love to kiss so much is getting bigger with each passing day. Your smile brings joy to our hearts, and we're all so blessed that you're perfectly... exactly... you.

Happy Birthday, Buddy Bear!

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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Another day, another too late bedtime.

For those of you wanting to change the world (You're all with me on this, right?), you can do so one vocabulary word at a time!!! Improve your understanding of the english language while bringing food to impoverished countries.

Go to Choose the correct definition. Watch your rice multiply.

Taylor was very excited to raise 3,000 grains this afternoon... and I was very excited to hear him ask questions like, "Mom, could you please use paradigm in a sentence?"

Oh, yes. Yes I can.
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Monday, March 17, 2008

Rage Against The Machine

Our phones finally died. If for some reason you tried to call me on our land line Friday through Sunday and it rang and rang with no machine picking up, that's because we've been trying to limp along with dying (or possessed) phones for the last year and a half. Friday they gave up the ghost. Or maybe the ghost left because our house is too chaotic and it needed some peace and quiet. Either way, we no longer have to deal with the random beeping of it trying to recharge when the battery is already full, or the upstairs ringer turning on and off on its own. But we now have to buy new phones. This is a big decision! So many options. So many styles. So expensive. Nate is in Denver, so I'll have to wait on making a decision until he gets back. After all, I would want him to do the same for me. We must agree on our phone choice. Like wall color. Or a new car. It's written somewhere in the marriage agreement.

In the meantime, I'm very thankful for a friend's corded phone. But it's so weird to have to set the receiver down to go fix the TV for the kids (yes, that's been on the fritz for a few years, too) or answer the door or, well, do anything. No more folding laundry or emptying the dishwasher while making doctors appointments or arranging carpools. At least not this week. And no answering machine for now... which is actually kind of nice. Ha!

Thinking back, a friend bought these same phones around the same time as us, nearly five years ago. They discovered it was possessed and replaced it quite a while back. Maybe we should have followed suit.
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Thursday, March 13, 2008

Page 123

Alright. Alright. I was tagged, so I'll follow through. But this made me realize that the last time I was tagged I forgot to ever post! (Sorry, Nicole!)

I'm supposed to grab the closest book to me and type the first 5 sentences at the top of page 123. I'll actually pull a little from the previous page to get a complete sentence. But I'm also going to break the rules a little and type the 6th as well. (It just makes sense, darn it.)

Do You Think I'm Beautiful
by Angela Thomas
Chapter 7

"There will be prayers and hugs but rarely anyone else willing to admit that her soul is as dry as dirt too. Or that she struggles with sin. Or that she feels insecure and lonely.
A part of me understands. We've all been burned. We have given out tender pieces of our lives only to find out later that our heartaches have been E-mailed to forty-six others around the country."

I tag...

Emma Sometimes
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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Mom on Trial

I think this is utterly ridiculous. (As opposed to udderly, which may involve a cow.) I'm all for NOT leaving young children in vehicles while unattended, however, this is going over the top. I completely understand what this mother did, and I would have done the exact same thing. You look at the weather. You look at your sleeping child. You're a few yards away. You lock the car. It's never out of your sight.

What about when Taylor first started baseball and I would leave Brit and Jordan in the car while I stepped a few yards away to help my struggling son with all his gear? Would I be arrested for that?

What about if a mom puts her child in the car and says hello to a friend two parking spots over? Less than 10 yards. Not even 30 feet. Less than the width of my family room and kitchen.

Wow. Treffly Coyne has my full support.

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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Not original, nor innovative...

I'm not ignoring my blog!!! I just have so much going on. So, until I have time to be innovative and original, would you enjoy one of my previous posts from my archives? This old post came to mind today, and I realized that... in spite of my self-sabotaging efforts to the contrary... I am growing in my trust level.

Friday, May 25, 2007

"Would somebody please take me to my room??!!???"

I've always wanted to be a spontaneous person. A fun person. Go with the flow. Fly by the seat of my pants. In fact, I wouldn't describe myself as NOT a spontaneous person. But, the more I live my life, the more I find I need a plan. It's fine if that plan changes. I'm okay with change. I just need a plan. I need to know when I'm expected to be at point A and how much time it will take before we move to point B. If point B gets erased and point F takes its place, alright. But would you please just inform me of the plan?

So, when there isn't a plan I get a little rattled. Even saying that causes my shoulders to slump a little in self disappointment. I don't want to be rattled by the absence of a plan!!! But when all plans have fallen through in every area, when every plan that is made just winds up being erased, rescheduled, redrawn, reworked, cancelled, removed, put off... I can't make any plans. Now if a plan is made I'm very skeptical and feel like I can't trust anything.

"Well that means you should go with God's plans."

I thought we WERE going with God's plans!!! I don't want to be planning on anything other than HIS plans anyway!!!

"Then you should just relax and let Him take care of things."

I REALIZE THAT! (But, would someone just inform me what the plan is?)

(Bonus points if you guess where the title quote is from. It's a hard one.)
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Friday, March 7, 2008

The List

I have a list. It's not written down anywhere, but it's a list just the same. Things I really don't enjoy doing. Now, it's not that I view laundry as equivalent to a Disneyland trip, I just don't mind it all that much. Would I rather have someone else take care of the dishes? Of course! But it's just one of the chores I do, and that's fine. A housekeeper would be glorious (view my sidebar), but I'm a mom and some things simply come with the territory.

Then there are those tasks on "The List."

*Cutting up chicken. I do it because it's necessary, but... ugh. Numb hands from cold chicken. Cutting the breasts in two. Hoping I don't slice through my numb fingers since I can't feel where they end and the chicken begins. Taking all the extra fat off them that whoever did the packaging was blind to. Then all the little fibers stick to the knife and counter. And trying to re-bag it for the freezer without spreading raw chicken gooeyness everywhere? Blech. I could get ones that are already done, but that would cost more.

*Folding men's dress socks.
Laundry is fine, but whatever these are made of causes them to stick to the guitar callouses on my fingertips, causing a feeling in my spine similar to that brought on by nails on a chalkboard.

*Changing sheets on a bunk bed. Whether it's the bottom or top, they're both difficult to manage. It's a 20 minute cardiovascular workout. Someone should seriously patent technology to make this easier.

*Cleaning up vomit. The worst. I'd do any of the others before this one. But for some odd reason I don't usually have a choice in the matter. Maybe my imaginary weekly housekeeper would take care of this, too?

So, I'm curious. Does anyone else have a list like this stored away in their mental recesses? Am I seriously the only one that's this nuts?
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Thursday, March 6, 2008

Sassy Shoe Thursday: Shoes You Should Own, Part VI

The weather is warming up a bit. Albeit in a slightly deceiving way, since I know there are still freezing cold baseball games to sit through. But Easter is just around the corner, and summer shoes are starting to fill our minds. Well, my mind. I guess I shouldn't speak for you. But, truly, if you've learned anything from my SST posts, then they should be on your mind, too.

For Part VI of my non-weekly (give a mom a break!) Thursday series we'll look at the glorious world of...

Strappy Sandals

**Strappy does NOT have to mean a heel. Although a strappy heel is my favorite, there are women who simply canNOT go there. But amazing options exist for flat, strappy, sexy sandals! Especially this season, where a flat shoe seems to be interchangeable with the term fashion forward.

These are dressy enough to go to a summer wedding, but will also look chic on a mid-week park afternoon.

You can also go with a very slight wedge to add a somewhat dressier tone.

**This season we're going to see a lot of gladiator inspired sandals again. Just beware how you wear them. They need to be paired with lots of confidence, and breezy simple attire. The straps are complicated enough that a complicated outfit will make the whole thing overwhelming. Also, the thinner the strap the better. Heavy, thick straps on this style will weigh you down and be too harsh if not worn in the right way. (I had these exact ones my freshman year of high school!!!)

**Ankle strap sandals are not for everyone. If you have shorter legs, the goal is to visually lengthen them. An ankle strap will visually cut your leg in two and actually make them appear shorter. Go for a more lengthening look where the line of your leg remains unbroken.

**When trying sandals on, notice how your toes sit. This may seem silly, but I have found while others can wear heeled thong sandals, my toes splay out to the side and look silly. I'm just not comfortable with it. So, I stick to a shoe with straps that hold my toes in. I've found that some women also shy from big toe straps, too, which can accentuate and already large big toe.

**Don't be afraid of color! Yellow is very big for this spring, along with sherbet tones.

**Less can be SO much more.

**Nice looking toes are a must with strappy styles. I know we all try to fudge on this at times, especially coming out of the winter months when we just haven't had time yet to buff out the dreariness of neglect. But the truth is not only will your sandals LOOK much better, you will FEEL better about your attire! I promise. Or your money back. (hee-hee.) A good pedicure can make those deals and steals look like they're rendered from a high end designer's spring line. I was reading about a New York fashionista a couple of years back who never told those exclaiming how gorgeous her Jimmy Choos were that they were really a $20 Ross bargain. No one ever knew the difference. (Of course, I can never keep my mouth shut and always have to gush about my good deal.)

**Do not... I repeat, do not... put up with straps that are too tight. When trying on sandals, beware of what material they are and if they will stretch. Leather? Some Boot Stretch could help. (Thanks Julie for that tip!) But, man made materials aren't going to give. I know they might be cute, but if they're not comfortable you're going to try and force yourself to wear them and wind up being severely disappointed and wishing you hadn't ever made the purchase in the first place. (Run on sentence alert! Run on sentence alert!) And the callouses that come from straps that cut in are NOT pretty.

**Strappy sandals are perfect for summery dresses and skirts, but don't forget they can be worn with shorts! Date night out with someone special? Shorts can be dressy too! More comfortable in walking shorts than their higher cut cousins? Perfect! Just keep in mind the leg-lengthening tip mentioned above when it comes to strap selection. And if you're really all that self-conscious about it, start doing a few calf exercises. Right now. While you're sitting at the computer. Now.

**Just don't go there.



Do you see the difference? Because some people seriously don't.

And if you're still wearing these or these, call me and I'll come help you. No. Wait. Go donate them to Goodwill and THEN call me.

I'll end with some examples from my own wardrobe:

My favorite, favorite, FAVorites!

While on the boarder between a sandal and a shoe, they're still really strappy, so the pretty toe rule applies.

One of my older pairs, but they're still worn from time to time.

Now I'm in the mood for sandal shopping! I wonder if my hubby's in the mood for me to spend some money. Probably not.
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Monday, March 3, 2008


To some they may be weeds...

to me, I'm holding his heart in the palm of my hand.
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