Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Truth and Cobwebs

We were close to wrapping up our Tuesday morning's small group that meets at my house. (Come join us!) Sitting in the family room, laughing, chatting, eating... I can't even remember WHAT we were talking about when my friend, Lalena, looks my way and says something about the cobweb. My face does that thing where it turns from a laughing, smiling, having fun face to an oh-no-I'm-about-to-get-called-out face.

She mentions the cobweb up in my bedroom. Whew. I got that one. Somehow it comes up that wasn't the big cobweb. (Who raised that point? You're out of the group.) I feel my face turning a little red. I'm sweating a little. "Umm, the one in the kitchen? Oh. Uhhh... I never got it."

"What? It's still there?"

"Ummm... yes?"

"ANGELA! Where's your broom??!!!? We're getting it right now!" She grabs the broom from the front closet, goes into the kitchen, "Okay. Where is it?" Thank you Stephanie for pointing out to the group that if you sit at my computer and look up you can see it. I appreciated that.

Lalena heads for the computer, looks up, sweeps the corner of the wall, "Oh, there I got it."

The truth-teller in me just canNOT keep quiet. (Blasted book of Proverbs. Why didn't the verses about controlling the tongue stick as well as the ones about telling the truth?) "That wasn't the cobweb."

"It wasn't?"

"Look to your left. On top of the cupboard."

"Oh, my GOSH! That's HUGE!!! ANGELA!"

I guess sometimes you need your friends to help clear out your cobwebs.
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crazybecks said...

Your welcome.

*emmy said...

Angela you and your cobwebs. I wish I was there to have seen your face.

Yaaay, the cobweb is fianally gone!

Cortney said...

Funny! Now does she do laundry?

MomOfDudes said...

Good Friends Clear Your Cobwebs and Still Love You Anyways.

Blessings Pal

christine said...

cough...cough. i remember you swiffering some cobwebs at my house last summer off my dining rm light fixture ;)

Emma Sometimes said...

It's really bad when your children get stuck in them....NOT that I'd know. I think that means I'm a proverbs 32 woman. ~snicker~