Thursday, February 21, 2008

Sassy Shoe Thursday: Shoes You Should Own, Part V

We at the White House have been a bit under the weather lately... like for the past two weeks. What the heck? We were just about over the whole respiratory junk, and now since Tuesday evening I've been feeling puke-y, but no puking, achy, but no fever. I've also been getting really dizzy, which is actually quite funny. All of a sudden I'll feel like I'm falling to the left, and then for about five minutes afterward I have this lingering dizziness/disorientation thing. So if I get up and walk I literally list to the left. It's annoying, but I also have to laugh a little because I'm sure it looks really funny. Either that or I just look drunk, since I'm holding on to chairs and leaning against walls to get around.

So, in light of cold and flu season, I will announce the next type of shoe you should have in your wardrobe:

Sassy, Comfy Slippers!

Even when you're not feeling well, only want to wear sweats, and the farthest outside of the house you venture is to get the mail or say goodbye to your kids in the morning, sassy footwear can make ALL the difference. Like taking a shower after you've been sick, it's just so refreshing!

Embrace your slippers! You'll feel much better doing so if they're cute.

Giving credit where credit is due:
My awesome sister-in-law Christine gave me the pink ones, Mom gave me the brown & pink ones with rhinestones, and Nate & the kids gave me the red ones. I can match them to my lounge pants! (My family knows me so well.)
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MomOfDudes said...

Only three pairs of slippers? You must try Mary Jane Slipper Socks, my new favorite


Thany said...

Double points for the red ones because they are so very RED.

And I am GREEN with envy for them.

jennifer in OR said...

Arrived here from MooBee's site. I need slippers today. :-)

Jeremy said...

Listing to the left, huh? Did you make sure you had both shoes on?

Anonymous said...

Sorry. Look please here

Rachel said...

Cute Cute slippers! Love the brown and pink with the sparkles.
Came over through blogher.

*emmy said...

Once again.....mmmm red.