Monday, February 18, 2008

Office Fun

Happy President's Day!

Some of you know Nate and I have become totally addicted to The Office as of late. Season One through Season Three dvd's have all been watched, and we're trying to decide if we should buy Season Four individual episodes online or wait to see if NBC will re-show them before they start it back up on April 10th. (Yay! The Writer's Strike has ended!)

A friend sent me the link to this quiz and I just had to share it with my readers. Even if you aren't an Office fan do it anyway and leave me a comment divulging who you're most like!!!

I have half a mind to wait and tell you who Nate and I are in a later post, but...

Nate was a split personality: Jim and Dwight. I can totally see that!!!!! And me?


*sigh of relief*
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Jeremy said...

I'm not really comfortable with what it says my personality is...especially since Nate was a Jim/Dwihgt. It said I was a Jim/Angela, however I like to think of myself of more of a Stanley/Creed.


I am happy to report I am also Pam! Hooray!

Brandi said...

It was a little messed up... It said I was a Ryan.

I don't really watch the show...LOL!

*emmy said...

I don't watch the office....why? Hmmm I really don't know why, because the times I have watched it I thought it was really funny. I guess I just don't know what night it's on. Aaaanyways.

I am a Ryan. Who's Ryan? I really hope he's a good guy? Or at least dresses sharp and is not one of the nerdy guys on the show. Ha, this was fun.

Amber Joy said...

I'm like pam, is that good or bad?

christine said...

i am a split personallity between jan & kelly. hmmm...i don't like this. i know i'm crazy but not THAT crazy!