Tuesday, February 12, 2008

The Motivation of Fatburger

I know I haven't blogged in, what, a week? Baseball, gymnastics, church, colds... "Whatever, just blog already!" I even missed SST. Sheesh. What's WRONG with me?

This last Saturday was a momentous occasion at the White House. Well, not exactly AT the White House, but in Santa Barbara at Brit's gymnastics meet. For the first time she not only won a gold medal, but took first place in the All Around! So, SO exciting. Just Friday night as we were putting her to bed she looked at her shelves of trophies and medals and said, "Dad, I think I need some more gold in here." And the next day she did exactly that.

But, as excited as she was about the trophy, I think she was more excited about getting her very own Fatburger milkshake. (Our family loves Fatburger. In Denver you could find us there after report cards came in, or after an exceptionally good sports game, or when we all had a day off from everything. Now we have to go to Santa Barbara to partake.) Normally we make the kids share (which could be why we're passing around a nasty cold right now), but Nate had told Brit if she won a gold (we were pretty sure she'd get at least one) she could have her very own and not have to share with ANYone! As soon as she found out she won it wasn't, "Look at my medals!" or, "Look at my gold trophy!" It was, "I get my own milkshake! I get my own milkshake!"

Maybe we should have saved the cup and put THAT on her trophy shelf.

I haven't posted many photos lately, so here's a few:

Silly, silly girls.

Silly, silly Daddy! That milkshake is for Brittney!

Silly, silly boys.
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Jeremy said...

Ahhh...the power of the Burger!

Brandi said...

Yum...I want one.
Way to go Brit!

MomOfDudes said...

Way to Go Brit!!! She is doing so well with her Gymnastics!!! Way to go with the milkshake!!!

Super great day!

Amber Joy said...


Maria said...

Hi, I'm Maria with the Fatburger Corporate office. Had to tell you that we enjoyed reading your Blog. We'd love to talk to you about it.

Please contact me mbrooks@fatburger.com or

Maria Brooks
Marketing Assistant
Fatburger North America

Maria said...
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Ratzlaff Reflections said...

I love seeing pictures of your kids! Thanks for posting them!

BTW - your cobweb article made it into our MOPS newsletter. Very cool! :o)

AND, I mentioned you on my blog today. Well, kind of. Read it and see! (I've been a posting fool today, so it is the one about the reunion.)

*emmy said...


Woo-hoo, waaaaaay-toooo- GOOOOOOO GIRL!

And you enjoy your yummy milk shake.

Emma Sometimes said...

good for Brit!! Your family is adorable...I will be emailing you today. Hope you have a very special Valentines! :O)