Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Tuesday Tidbits

*Upon opening my bedroom blinds the other day I realized the cobweb at the end of my bed is STILL THERE! Sheesh. Don't I read my own blog posts?

*I have let down a fellow blogger by not following through with a Pay-It-Forward post I promised to do. Kat, I am so sorry. I always remember when I'm away from the computer, but forget when I'm sitting in front of it. I know the contest is over, but I'm still going to do it. I AM! This week. Hold me to it readers, okay?

*I have a fun bunch of women that meets at my house on Tuesday mornings. While having a conversation about red shoes and what options are currently available I realized I have WAY too much knowledge about this subject. It was scary how I could tell you what red shoe was available where in Santa Maria and for what price. Scary.

*But if my shoe knowledge saves even one woman's footwear wardrobe, then it's worth it.

*I should be catching a few zzzzzz's right now before the kids get home from school and chaos ensues.

*I have two boxes of cute, matching picture frames that I have yet to hang. One of the problems is I'm not sure where to hang them. The other is I can't decide WHICH photos to put in. I just need to do it. Hold me to this one, too, alright? They need to get off my closet floor and onto my walls.

*Costco muffins are horrible for you, but also easy to justify because they're a muffin. I mean, how awful can a muffin be? Wait. Don't answer that.

*I want a Roomba. Seriously. Do you know how much time one of those would save me? And, while we're at it, let's get me a Scooba, too.

*I should have taken a nap. Too late.
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crazybecks said...

You need to go shopping with me for shoes!! I realized today that I need to learn more.
And I totally love the Costco muffins of course last week when I went to go get me some I talked myself out of it because I knew I would just eat the whole box by my self. So instead of the muffins I bought some 100 calorie snacks, so much better for me.
My dad just bought a roomba and he loves it.

Lalena said...

I am soooo glad you knew where to find the shoes. I got the last pair of red flats size 6 1/2 at Macys on sale for only $22! You're awesome!

Thany said...

But what about the Woomba?

"It's a robot, and it cleans my business. My lady business. And I like that."


hee hee hee

Jeremy said...

I'm glad someone else pulled out the woomba quote...Go for the Roomba. I can just imagine Ian following the thing around the house!

Brandi said...

I actually heard that BIG muffins are about as fatty as Cinnabon. But they are good. I would actually take the Cinnabon though.

*emmy said...

UUU interior decorating, that's my cup of tea. I wish I could come over and help you decide where to put your frames.

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