Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Sweeter Than This

Silence. The sound of a passing truck. The hum of the refrigerator. A saw somewhere in the distance. But in my house, silence.

The kids have gone back to school. Sing with me (and the angels) now, "Hallelujah! Hallelujah!" Yesterday as they disappeared around the corner on their way to the school bus I could barely contain the smile that danced around the corners of my mouth. In fact, I distinctly remember skipping as I went back into the house. Yes. Yes, there was skipping involved.

A few days prior my amazing friend Tammy said her son wanted a play date with Ian... on the 15th. "What? Why the 15th?" I said. Then it dawned on me. "Tammy, you're awesome!!!!!"

After she picked Ian up the house was silent. Pure silence. Just my breathing... and the passing truck, and the refrigerator, and the distant saw. It was the sound of pure beauty. And you know what I did? Well, after returning some important emails. In that pure silence, do you know what I did? Well, after handling some urgent phone calls. Just for me? Purely for me? I sat on the couch... in the middle of the morning... drinking a Coke and eating pistachios and chocolate... and I watched... Grey's... Anatomy.

Ha-HA! Yes!!! I sat and watched TV during the DAY!!! I felt so lavish and wild! Throwing caution to the wind! TV! During the day!

And do you know what was even better? (I knew this would happen, but it sure was fun to actually experience it, sitting on my couch, watching TV during the day.) I turned on my TiVo'd show and got to hear my friend Katie's song Sweeter Than This play during the opening scenes! It was so cool to sit there, watching one of the most popular shows in America, and hear Katie's music. Alone. With the volume turned up just as stinking high as I darn well pleased. And my Coke sitting on the table. And no one asking for a drink of it. And not having to share my chocolate. And no one spilling my pistachio shells. And the heat turned up so I finally wasn't chilly in my own house.

The sound of pure beauty.

If you missed last Thursday's episode (because you're out of date and don't have a DVR, or because you don't watch Grey's Anatomy), you can go here and watch it online. At least watch the first minute and forty-five seconds or so. Or at least check out Katie's myspace page.

Now, as my second day-without-children-home (save for Ian) comes to a close, I am reminded that I don't accomplish nearly as much as I always hope for while they're at school. I have a to-do list a mile long (Really. It's a mile. You haven't seen it.), and have not even made a dent. I tend to think "when the kids are back in school, then I'll get ______ done." However, it might not have anything to do with the kids being at school or at home, and everything to do with my poor time management skills.

But lower decibels have got to help somehow.
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Brandi said...

I'm happy to hear that you had some time for yourself.

I wish I had some time for myself....except I'd enjoy a pepsi.

Thany said...

Oh the lower decibles...I get a little bit of that every Monday, Wednesday and Friday for about 4 hours. And yeah, my list seems to completely fade away once I drop N8 the GR8 off.

*emmy said...

I will finally have my alone time this fall when Alexis is in REAL school (kindergarten) and Sophia in preschool. That will be weird but oh the freedom I will have!!