Thursday, January 24, 2008

Sassy Shoe Thursday: Shoes You Should Own, Part III

In honor of the glorious rain pouring down on us for the past few days (my Oregonian heart is dancing for joy!) I have a special, practical, and oh-so-fun SST post. HOWEVER! There is a twist to it... *cue daunting music here*... I DO NOT OWN a pair of the shoes I am saying every woman should have in her wardrobe!!!

The Rain Boot

Yes, that's true. There is a style of shoe that does not grace my foot... yet. Living on the fair-weathered Central Coast, I seldom have need of such a thing. But when it rains here it does poor. Seeing as how baseball season is coming, and 8am games are often met with mud beneath the bleachers, it would behoove me greatly to acquire a pair.

This season has seen the revival of the rain boot! Mucks. Galoshes. Wellies. Whatever your name preference, they all keep your feet nice and dry in... well... not always in style, but always with flair. The colors! The designs! The matching umbrellas! Waterproof footwear has never seen such a heyday.

So, as I always recommend, go to, click on boots, click on waterproof, and take your pick!

I think I may go for some of these on the days I'm embracing my English ancestry.

I could lead worship in some of these, but only if I have a rockin' electric strapped to my front.

And for those down right girlie days? Polka dots are SUCH a good answer.

Be assured, as soon as I have some of this fashionable every-woman-must-own footwear in my wardrobe I'll let you know!!! And if anyone so desires to help out with the issue, I wear a size 7 1/2. *wink, wink*
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Lalena said...

Christine has some cute blue rain boots with fun! By the time I go out to get some for myself, the rain will stop :) Ah...California. Maybe I should just stay in by the fire and read a good book! I love Sassy Shoe Thursday!

Thany said...

Yeah, I envy the climate that makes rain boots necessary. Sweet Lucy asks for them every time we are in Target and walk by the display. It kills me to say no. Maybe next time I won't. If I can't have them, at least SHE can.

Brandi said...

Maybe you need a pair like Ian had...I believe they had little bug eyes....those would be cute.

But I do like the balck with polka dots...SUPER CUTE!

*emmy said...

I love that you blogged about rain boots!! It's funny you did because I have been looking at rainboots for me for a while now and trying to figure out if that is where I want to spend my allowance on for that month. If only it rained everyday, I would of bought them a long time ago.

Love the polka dots!