Thursday, January 17, 2008

Sassy Shoe Thursday: Shoes You Should Own, Part II

So many readers joined in on the amazing powers of the red shoe last week! If you still don't have a pair in your closet, call me. I'll come help. Even if it's via texting and cell phone photos. I'll help. Please. Let me.

This week: The Sassy But Versatile Black Heel.

Now, many women own black heels. Maybe you have a go-to pair that sits in your closet. In a pinch you run in, grab them, and run out. But, here's my question...

Do you LOVE them? Yes, I understand they might be a wardrobe staple, a necessary item... but do you LOVE them??? If you run in to the closet to grab them and think, "Oh, yay!" then the answer is yes. If you run in to grab them and don't think anything... or think, "this will do," then the answer is NO! And something MUST be done!

The key to a black heel (and really any shoe) is to find one that has some unique qualities, some fun detail. A shoe does not have to be plain to be versatile!

For example:

Notice the curved heel? It's a little hard to see, but the heel has a bit of a sassy attitude. And the little strap across the toe that holds a somewhat demure pendant. These are details that make the shoe speak for itself. These can be worn with nearly any outfit and not only look appropriate, but shout "I am the perfect shoe for this!" You NEVER want a shoe to look like you simply settled for it.

Likewise, the quintessential perfect black heel that I lost tragically two years ago was perfect because, although it was a regular, pointy 3 1/2 incher... it was faux snake skin. All in the details. (I would like to take a moment to point out that this is not about heel height, although both of my examples are over three inches. You can find fun, detailed, versatile shoes in a myriad of heel options. No excuses!)

If you look in your closet and find yourself uninspired by your black heels... if your go-to black pair are a matte finish with a squared block heel and rounded wide toe, you need to go shopping. (Case in point.) And, when you do, don't look at a shoe and say, "I could never wear that." YES YOU CAN!!! Don't short yourself on the cute ones because you don't think they fit you. This is about liberation, girls! Liberation from the so-so shoes we think we should be fine with. You were made for AMAZING shoes! You were made for the sculpted heel and pinstripe detailing! You were made for the slingback peeptoe and red nail polish! Don't sell yourself short because you've fallen into the "I'm not a vibrant woman" trap. If the shoe speaks to you... WEAR IT!!! (Just make sure the price doesn't speak too much your husband.)

Now, although I do have other black shoes, I would not put them into the "Sassy But Versatile" category. These are the only ones under that title. When you have a pair that speaks to you AND works with everything, you only need one. (Notice I didn't say "want." I said "need.")

If you're struggling, go NOW to (Negative $5 shipping! Free returns!) Go to women's shoes. Select pumps. Select black. Select your size. Marvel at the beauty before you. Need help? Call me. Don't have my number? Leave a comment asking for it.
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Susie said...

You are so silly. No really. Silly.

The Adventure said...

Could you just come visit and help me out...I am so behind in the shoe department...of course all I need here are sandals sandals sandals...not that I'm complaining!

Lalena said... shoes. I hate all 5 pairs of mine. I've been on the hunt for months. But after the RED SHOE idea, those come first!

MooBeeMa said...

I love shoes too. But I'm more into funky muck-boots so the kids won't try and borrow them. (sigh).

Don't you just miss Grey's Anatomy right now?? I do.

*emmy said...

YES, YES preach on!! Preach on!! This blog was like sweet music to my ears.

Come on girls this is your year to adorn your feet with THEE shoe(s) you truely LOVE!