Thursday, January 10, 2008

Sassy Shoe Thursday: Shoes You Should Own, Part I

I've blogged on every pair of shoes I own. Given, for most of them you need to visit my archives at my previous blogging site, because I still have yet to transfer them here. And believe me, when I come into possession of a new pair of footwear I will be sure to do an original Sassy-style post. However, my procurement of such items has slowed greatly over the course of the past year. (By necessity, not choice. I assure you.) I have at times scanned the reaches of the internet to bring you the wacky and/or creative, but such posts aren't in the everyday interest of normal people like you and me. (Well, YOU'RE normal. I guess my normalcy could be considered up for debate.) Us down-to-earth gals (I just used the word "gals") are looking for something we can relate to, something that could jump off the computer screen and instantly better our lives.

So, without further hesitation, I bring you... (Drum roll, please. Drum roll!)

Shoes You Should Own, Part I

Not too long ago a friend mentioned how she had an extensive shoe wardrobe, but every pair was either black or brown. It wasn't that she was inTENTionally filling her closet with these colors, they just matched everything. It was practical. Practical was good. Not necessarily exciting, but practical. Sensible.

Here's where I propose the first pair of Shoes You Should Own: red ones!!! Now, I will give you great liberty here. Some of us are more prone to Crocs than Stilettos. The point is not the TYPE of shoe, but the freedom that comes in wearing RED! (Well, maybe the point is SOMEwhat the type. After all, I'm trying to help you spice up your shoe personality here.)

There's something about slipping red shoes on your feet. Instant confidence. Instant freedom. Instant sexy. That I-feel-bloated-today outfit you put on occasionally? It can make a different statement with RED shoes. (In some religions, red shoes were a sign of a "wayward woman." Hee-hee.)

But, don't take my word for it. Go. Buy yourself a pair of red shoes. Not the first ones you see, but ones that catch your eye. Ones that call out to you. Ones that are unlike the other pairs in your closet. RED, red. See for yourself. Because it's something that, although I've tried to describe it, can't truly be put into words.

Red shoes, good for all that ails you.

And, for good measure, a photographic list of the red shoes in my closet:

One thing I DON'T have, mind you, are some great red boots. I may need to go steal Emmy's.

(Extra credit to those who can point out the movie quote in this post and name its source!)
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Jenn Morgan said...

Omg...I have been wanting a pair of those adorable red shoes in the first picture. Great blog, I love reading about your shoes.

Thany said...

I would like to state that the red schrunchy flats are possibly one of the best and safe ways to start your own collection of Red Footwear. I have had more people stop me at the store asking about them when I have them on.

I love red shoes.

Thany said...

I would also like to state for the record that I really, honestly know how to spell "scrunchy."

That is all.

Amber Joy said...

I'm thinking I need a new pair of red shoes. Mine can only be worn in warm weather, and they're a little too-much attitude. I need some with a little less attitude, too.

Brandi said...

I acidently left my FAVORITE reds at my moms house in South Carolina over christmas....and she wont give them back...she said she feels soooo liberated with them on.

I am happy that I got to share the "red shoe joy" with her...but I really want them back....

Grandma Pajama said...

OK...I counted: 6 red, 4 pink and 2purple...what a way to make a statement!!!!! It's genetic, I got it from YOU!!!

MomOfDudes said...

When I began reading this blog I thought Shoes you should have... Red
And sure enough you said red!!!
You know me pal, I am all about the purse, I searched and found the perfect patent red purse... Loved it for the holidays!!!
I am so getting red flats!!!

MomOfDudes said...

I forgot to say...
Scrunchy red flats that is...

Nicole said...

you are so right. I FINALLY found a great pair of red shoes a couple weeks ago, and I LOVE them. Whenever I wear them they make me feel sassy, and oh the compliments.

PS - I adore those patent leather sling backs. Now I want a pair...

Ratzlaff Reflections said...

Oh, how funny! I read this post for the first time today (1/12) RIGHT AFTER I purchased a red pair of shoes. I now have two red pairs. One from Jen's wedding (totally cute, not sensible, never worn since . . . except at a GFU formal) and one that I bought today for only $5. They are adorable, open toe and perfect to wear with jeans at a summer picnic. Now, I just have to find a top to wear with them . . .

*emmy said...

mmmm red.

Yes, red shoes give me so much confidence it isn't funny. Especially when I am wearing my worthy ones: the boots! Oh yes, I sometimes think that those babies wear me.

mmmm red.

Thany said...

I have returned to this post.

I actually looked it up to find the post where you show off the red scrunchy flats becasue.....mine died.


I threw them away before finding replacements.
Or even seeing which Target line they were from in case ebay had some.

Or giving them a proper send off.

so I searched to see if YOU had any information on them. And while I was waiting for the search results to return, I thought how ridiculous I was behaving over a pair of $16 flats.

And then I saw them.
And I kinda wanted to cry.

You see, I found a pair on Endless that I crave FORTNIGHTLY! (Did you like that?) But Angela, they are a hunderd trilliondjy dollars!

I go and visit them every once in awhile. so they know I love them. so they know I would buy them if I could. How if I wasn't required by law to feed my kids, pay my house payment and put gas in my car, I would buy them and possibly even a back up pair. But it isn't meant to be.

So I search on. Red ballet flats. (Well, black ones too-my black version died and the replacements i got at Target make actual holes in my heels.) I will find them.

They will be mine. Oh yes. They will be mine.

ECCO Women's Bouillon Flat