Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Evolution of a Photograph

It can't ever be "point and shoot" with us, with our family. I used to blame this on the kids. However, while scrolling through our recent photos I came across this series. Blatant proof that the problem begins with the parents. Adjusting. Gum chewing. Talking. Husband doing things wife doesn't want in photo. Laughing. Next time I get frustrated with my kids for the "perfect photo op" slipping by, maybe I should pause and remember from whom they came.

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Brandi said...

Ha! That is soo cute!
The first photo is hilarious....you look so glamorous doing the hair flip thing!
And I absolutly LOVE the dress...wher'd you get that?

Ati2ude said...

That is CLASSIC!

Amber Joy said...

hey, doll! what-chu all hussied up fo'?

Anonymous said...

Love the dress, but I have to say that Nate is looking a little dressed up himself in his stripes:)

*emmy said...

You guys are such a beautiful couple. I loved your last "Evolution of a photograph" blog of your kids. Do you remeber that one? It made me laugh so hard because I was totally relating.