Wednesday, January 30, 2008

25 Biggest Decorating Mistakes

I just HAD to pass along this article on the top 25 biggest decorating mistakes! I'm #22, #9, and #5 (but not NEARLY as bad as the picture they show, and only because curtains can be so darn expensive and it's always hard to find the just "right" ones). I've also been #1... but they were from a distance! No one could tell they were dusty and had cobwebs! (Except when the morning sun shone in our top window in Denver.) I actually still have them sitting in a box in our garage. This makes me want to emotionally move on from my attachment.

What numbers are you?
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Emma Sometimes said...

#9 and #5. Great little article.

I don't know how I found you...but it's good reading you.

Katie Glathar said...

I guess I am just a horibble decorator.. #22, #14, #9 & #1. Yipes! I love my silk flowers thought. As soon as they get dusty they will have to go in the trash.

Lady Esther said...

whatcha talking about??? check out my new blog...i am getting carried away again. It's my Mom's Academy Awards blog where you can nominate your most deserving mom you know. just for fun. ;) i hire specialists to do all my dirty work. ha

*emmy said...

I am number 22. But, not because it doesn't bother me or I that I don't know it's a no- no but because it's a man's job to do ( well at least in my house it is) because I wouldn't know how to fix it. I keep telling Damon to take care of these wires but is a busy man.

Well, maybe I will just have to figure it out myself and make it my job =^).

Anonymous said...

I like my toilet rug. Its purple and matches Pooper's bathroom. AND, I have the matching toilet seat cover- YES!!! He isn't old enough yet to get pee all over the rug, so I think its hygenically ok. And I really, really like it. C.