Sunday, December 30, 2007

Since it's not quite 2008...'s still appropriate for me to share our Christmas Day festivities with you. Right?

"Mom! Dad! Wake up! WAKE UP!!! It's Christmas! Come ON!!!"

"Dad, seriously. Hurry up and let us come down stairs!"

We try to organize the chaos. They all open one at a time... together.

I was wrong. There WERE legos under the tree.

"Can I open this one now? Now? NOW?"


"What in the world is..."

"Awww... SWEET!!!"

"But, I don't know what it is! Mom, what is it? Can I open it? Is it REALLY for ME?"

Pure joy. Prayed for and greatly anticipated. (A huge you'll-never-know-how-much-this-truly-meant thank you to her benefactors... if you ever read this.)

The kiddie table.

The grown-up table... complete with two sets of grandparents, a cousin, and a good friend.

Rockets can't just sit in the package, they need to be launched!

Our gifts may differ from Christmas to Christmas. We may share the day with different people each year. But we always end the celebration the same way. Happy Birthday, Jesus. We hope you like Cherry Cheese Pie.
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Brandi said...

Love the pictures....thank you for sharing your christmas with us.

Amy said...

Fabulous!!! Wishing you and your sweet family a wonderful 08

Moore Fam said...

I love this blog! It awakens all the magic of childhood! :) Seems like this will be one of those Christmases that your kids tell their kids about! Beautiful! :)

Thany said...

Yay! Christmas!!
I like cherry cheese pie too.

*mariaelena said...

What beautiful memories you are giving your children. I especially love the picture of all SIX of you in bed...that was cute.