Monday, December 3, 2007

It's Official.

Okay. The Christmas Season can begin. The White House has their tree up. I just thought I'd let everyone know.

Nate wrestled the glorious Costco beauty into place Saturday, and I followed with the fluffing of the branches. Sunday (after naps) we decorated. I have to say, this is the earliest we have EVER had our tree up. I do not, nor will I ever, condone fake trees. But giving in to that movement has definitely boosted my husband's decorating participation, as well as his willingness to put up the tree December 1st... since we don't have to trudge out to any lots in order to accomplish this feat.

As usual, the ceremonial Hanging of the Husky Ornament was in order. This has been a tradition in our house (I'm rolling my eyes) since our second Christmas. (I naively gave Nate this ornament on our first Christmas, not knowing it would turn into such an item of reverence.)

The kids and I aren't allowed to put any other ornamentation on the tree until the blessed sphere has been placed on the highest possible branch. Then, and only then, can we commence decorating.

We tried to take our usual "kids in front of the tree after it's decorated" photo, but Ian wasn't cooperating. So I got in the picture. He still wouldn't come. Then Nate figured out how to get him in it anyway. Ahhhh... this is how memories are made. Twenty years from now Ian will look back and think we just didn't love him enough to include him in the photos. Then I'll pull out this one to prove that we loved him so much we got him into them anyway!

And here, for your up-close viewing pleasure, is the (blasted) blessed Husky ornament:

Merry Christmas, everyone. Officially.
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*emmy said...

Ha,ha,ha,ha,ha! I am laughing at Ian because it reminds me of the many photos I have of Alexis doing the same thing.

I have been wanting to go fake tree'd out but I would miss the Christmas tree smell. We get our tree this week!! Can't wait to decorate it!!

*emmy said...

Oh wow, it worked!! How did I do that? It rejected me yesterday! Okay, let me try this again and see if I can get this comment posted and if it posts then I think I figured it out.

Anonymous said...

....and waaa laaa!

Scrooge McDuck said...

So I want to know why Taylor is wearing a USC sweatshirt...that is enough to get Christmas canceled!

Amy said...

I love it!! Tanner was the hide from pictures one.. now he mugs for the camera!!! :)
Love your tree

Ati2ude said...

The key to pulling off a fake tree (this coming from someone who once owned a blow up tree) is scented pine cones and candles.

Brandi said...

Your tree is beautiful! Good call on the fake tree...I wasn't into them until last year when we tried one. Scented candles, air freshener...anything that smells christmas-y will make it seem realer.