Friday, December 7, 2007

The Golden Compass

I've heard so many things about this movie. The trailers look good... very Narnia like... but then I did some checking out on my own. Parents be warned. You can go to and read about it yourself. Or here. Or here.

It's not that the movie will do so much damage, but the books parents will buy their children for Christmas. Everything starts with a seed. What will you plant? What will you continue to water?

Sometimes it's easy for me to get frustrated with our culture. Whatever impact Christians make in today's society (Narnia, for example), there is always a counter that attempts to wipe it out. But you know what?

We have already won!!! I take refuge in the fact that my God has already won this battle... for me, for my children, for my children's children...

and hopefully for you, for your children, for your children's children.

There ARE sides. Which one are you on?
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Amy said...

We won't be seeing it either. It's hard when it comes to these types of things. We try so hard to protect our children. We want things to be clear.. we want it to be horrifying or scary or clearly defined as something we want our children to stay away from. It's like the drugs that look like candy, they look harmless, and tempting and sweet.. but they aren't.. and once your child or you realize it isn't ... it's too late, the damage has been done.

Brandi said...

I'm against this movie. Society and daily life spreads enough "seeds", saying NO to this movie is my way of protecting my precious family from more bad "seeds".

*emmy said...

I am on ASLAN'S SIDE!!

I am not surprised that this movie is out because didn't Lucifer try to be like God? And here he is at it again.

Satan is an angel of light and will decieve many with this movie. But this Christian,God fearing family is on the side of the Lord!

Every knee will bow and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord! I just love saying that because it gives me such joy!!!

Thany said...

Yep, we are skipping it. My friend Michelle's hubby bought the book this movie was based on just to learn a little more about it.

It is a fine balance we walk in this world. We won't see Golden Compass but Nathan and I do watch Star Wars. I don't like that show DragonTales on PBS (I am not even sure why) but I will watch Disney movies with witches in them.

In this case, I am leaving the intent of the film makers to this one. I don't want to support someone who is so blatantly anti-God. Anti-MY God. I don't mind seeing what non-Christians produce, of course, but if the purpose behind what they are producing is suspect, I will keep an eye on things.

On the flip side, dear Christian Mamas, don't forget to monetarily support those who are working hard to produce good, quality stuff for our kids. I think specifically about Phil Vischer and the Big Idea Studios who gave us Veggie Tales. They did well for so long but eventually went bankrupt. He sold the company and they still produce good things and Phil still oversees much of the production, but it is too bad that a company that had so much good Bible based videos and movies had to lose money. So lets put our money where it counts both in boycott (I HATE that word but I can't think of a better one) and ALSO in support.

Cheryl said...

The links you provided were very helpful, and confirmed what I had been hearing about this movie. The worldly media can be so sly in promoting its garbage. The trailers we see on TV make this film look so appealing as family or children's entertainment. Thank you for doing your part to get the word out on what this film is really about.

MooBeeMa said...

I like this post. You are so right on. Found you below my blogher ad on my side bar.

This movie is so subtle that it even fooled Nicole Kidman who says "Being a Catholic is a part of my essence. I could never be in a movie that was against it." SCARY!

JustJessie said...

I won't be taking my son to see it either (he's too young anyway, he's also never seen the Narnia movie). My husband thinks Pullman is stirring up controversy just to make his books more popular. I don't agree though. I think the guy has a VERY anti-God agenda. I do plan to check the books out at the library, so when the time comes, I can tell Grayson first-hand what I know about the books. (I will not buy the books and support the guy, though). If they end up on the school reading list, I want to be able to state my reasons for not letting him read them without referring to quotes on snopes or focus on the family.

Ati2ude said...

Do you all take issue with Harry Potter as well?

Thany said...

I have read a few of the Harry Potter books and don't have as much of an issue with them because there are clear lines of Good and Evil with Good winning. that is part of my personal justification in allowing my son to watch (some of the) Star Wars movies. My personal feelings about Harry Potter fall more under the fact that (and I might get flack for these) I just don't think they are well written. I found them formulaic and without much plot from book to book. They have some creativity to them but nothing like I have found in the Narnia series or Lord of the Rings. If my son wants to read them or see the movies, I will probably let him. But I will also encourage him to seek out quality literature when it comes to his personal reading habits. Choose the hilarity and oddness of Roald Dahl over Captain Underpants comic books. Seek treasure with Robert Louis Stephenson in "Treasure Island," or allow your word to be turned upside down by Mrs Piggle Wiggle and her hilarious parenting solutions.

My parents had strict guidelines for us growing up. There were things they allowed and things they didn't. However, as we got older, they also let us choose what we read and encouraged us to be critical of the things we took in. So you'd find me reading all of the Babysitters Club Books I could buy with my allowance but you'd also find me knee deep in "A Tree Grows in Brooklyn" as well.

I have strayed from my point though. Ati2ude, your question is a good one and one that parents should be looking at. Boycotting something just because you get an Inbox full of e-mails saying you should is ridiculous. Make your own decisions and do the research before you go stirring things up. But also be willing to stand by those decisions...YOU are the parent, YOU are in charge.