Tuesday, November 13, 2007

When did this happen?

So, I got home from Brit's gymnastics tonight to discover that Taylor had worked out, showered, done all his homework, made and fed himself dinner, emptied the trash, cleaned up the spilled Powerade, emptied and filled the dishwasher, cleaned and organized his closet, and gotten ready for bed. I was blown away. When did my oldest son disappear and this responsible man move into our house?

The kids went upstairs to get ready for bed. I followed a couple minutes later, only to find Taylor folding laundry.

"Taylor, you're folding laundry." I'm the master of the obvious. "Buddy, you don't have to do that."

"I know."

I walk into the laundry room to switch the load from the washer into the dryer... but it's already been done... and dried... and the light load that was waiting to go in the washer has already been put in... and washed.

"Taylor, did you do this? Did you transfer the stuff into the dryer and start it?"


"Did you put the light load in the washer and start that, too?"

"Ummm... yeah. I guess I did." His lips turned into a shy little half smile. I had a hard time letting him go from my tight hug so he could actually get in bed and go to sleep.

Seriously. When did this happen?

I mean, seriously. When did this happen?
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Ati2ude said...

Young boy mutates into young man *suspicious look*...I'd say it's the Dean gene kicking in, but if that were the case, I'm sure many eyebrows would raise as we're all girls! *grin* Then again, wasn't it he who so cleverly pulled off the Halloween costume? *lol* Maybe he'll luck out, all boy on the outside and just enough sensitivity on inside to make the perfect husband for some lucky woman!

You know, I truly love to read the stories of your kids - especially with everything going on in this insane world and all the kids who have unfortunately been roped in. It nice to know that there are kids out there that are equipped with the tools necessary to make sound decisions. I see so many who can't and work so hard to just try and break even with the consequences.

Check this out! The Hanna Montana gig - tickets are selling between $500-$1200 here!

Jeremy said...

You can send him up here next...does he pick up dog poo also?

Grandma Pajama said...

Can he do my Greek homework and wash my windows, too? The oil in the truck needs to be changed, my Jeep needs new wipers...can Taylor come to Oregon for a week or so? Maybe he and Grandpa can fix the 4-wheelers. The cows keep getting out, I'm sure Juan would PAY Taylor to fix the fence.

*emmy said...

Wow, he is going to make one lucky lady very, VERY happy one day ;^).

Summer said...

You wanna send him my way? :D

What an awesome thing for him to do! It just shows that you guys have raised a very considerate, loving young man, who loves God and loves serving. Way to go!