Monday, November 26, 2007

The Truth Comes Out

Dad stayed home with the boys tonight while Mom and I took Brit to gymnastics on base (they fly out tomorrow). Since it's a bit of a drive and gym is three hours long, Mom and I made a trip to the Commissary (base grocery store).

I'm sorting coupons and comparing the cost-per-ounce of over-priced different sized boxes of Life when Mom says, "You guys used to hate me buying the generic stuff."

"What?" I look down the aisle to see Mom standing in front of the large bags of cereal.

"You used to hate it when I bought the fake stuff. You didn't like eating it, that's why I'd save the boxes of real cereal and then pour the generic cereal into them."

"You did WHAT?"

"Oh, you knew that. I'd pour the fake stuff into the boxes so you'd eat it. I always held my breath knowing you had probably figured it out but waiting to see if you'd eat it anyway."

"MOM! I never knew you did that! You always did that? Mother!"

A lady further down the aisle looks at Mom, looks at me, looks back at Mom and starts laughing. I'm still recovering from my shock. I knew that she bought the generic stuff, and I ate it when there was nothing else. But when there was the bag of fake sitting next to the box of real I always ate the "real" and figured the fake was disappearing because DAD was eating it.

Now, a few hours later... after I've recovered from the shock of my Mother's deception... I realize what a brilliant concept this truly is.

(Did I SERiously never figure this OUT? Seriously?)
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Brandi said...

WHAT??? I'm calling my mom now.....

Anonymous said...

HA! We saved so much money on that generic cereal that we could fly down to be with you at Thanksgiving this year!!!!
The Deceptive Mother

Jeremy said...

There is some saying about Knives and drawers and something about their sharpness I believe that might apply here...

Thany said...

So so very brilliant!

I was a teenager when I found out that mom mixed Cheerios in with the Lucky Charms leaving our morning cereal heavy in the "good-for-you" cereal to yummy marshmallow puffs ratio.

But my betrayal didn't run as nearly as deep as your own.

Abbey said...

I LOVE reading your blogs!
This is too funny, my mom used to do this too and we hated the generic.

Now... i find myself reaching for it first

Anonymous said...

I was so persnickity about my clothes being clean, my favorite dress in particular, had to be drycleaned. I "sent" it often to the post cleaners. They didn't do a very good job. Found out years later that my mom would press my dress on the sly, even staple the drycleaning tag to it, cover it with plastic and bring it home to me. She didn't think I even noticed. I just thought they did a lousy job, sheesh, you pay good money for this . . . ?!?