Monday, November 12, 2007


My Grandfathers. My Father. My Husband. My Brother-in-law. My Friends.

Your Grandfathers. Your Fathers. Your Husbands. Your Sons. Your Uncles. Your Cousins. Your Brothers-in-law. Your Friends.

Thank you.

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*emmy said...

It's been a busy day for me. A day that I forgot to stop and think why Alexis didn't have school. Thank you for this reminder and making me have a moment to stop and remember what my freedom cost someone else.

I really enjoyed the song too. It is so sweet and soft. The part that she sings "America I gave my best to you" got me thinking how I would like to be able to tell God that one day but how I gave my best to HIM.

Misty said...

I came here via Nablopomo... This was a lovely tribute... Even though I stumbled upon your blog the day after vetrans day, I found myself tearing up a bit.