Saturday, November 3, 2007

Smoke Detectors (This is a must-see!)

When we lived on Malmstrom AFB in Great Falls, Montana, we would often have issues with our smoke detectors. They had minds of their own, and would shriek whenever they so pleased. Usually they waited until the middle of the night when we were all fast asleep to do so. One of the disturbing things, though, was that the kids never woke up. Ever. EVER. For ANY of the alarms. They would go on for minutes before we could get them disabled, and the kids wouldn't stir a bit. We thought maybe our family was an anomaly. Now I know otherwise. Everyone should watch this video, but if you have children of any age living in your home this is a must.

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Mark said...

Very interesting. Especially the difference that the voice alarm made.

Also interesting was the fact that the female reporter's name was 'Hank'

Brandi said... just put fear into Wade and I....then we just tried it.

Makayla didn't wake up...but the neighbor came to see if we were ok..

Anonymous said...

I have seen that special report before and it was scary. Kids sleep through anything! But, what an interesting study on how kids respond to their parents voices. I want that device.

*emmy said...

Oop, how did that happen? Sorry, I clicked the wrong identiy.... anonymous was me =^).