Thursday, November 8, 2007

Sassy Shoe Thursday: Patent Red Perfection

Now, when I say "patent red perfection" you have to know that I am not in any way lessening the perfection of other red patent shoes I own. I've been searching for a shoe like this since last winter, so maybe I should have titled it "Patent Red Perfection (in flats)," but that's just a lot of syllables for brains to form, lessening somewhat the impact of the statement... much as I'm doing now explaining things. (When have I ever been concerned about how many syllables your brain forms? Isn't it "the more the merrier?" Wait. That's at Christmas parties. And do brains even FORM syllables? That's a fun word. Syllables. SylLABles. That last sentence before these parentheses was quite a beauty of a run on. I do have a knack for them, after all. Stay on target... stay on target...)

I hunted. For some reason Target never has MY size when I'm ready to purchase a pair of well-thought-over shoes. I hunted here. I hunted there. I hunted while at a conference in Vacaville. I even hunted while in Denver. And, right before heading up to Breckenridge for the women's retreat... I found them! 7 1/2. One tiny flaw, but that can be overlooked.

I cannot even tell you the sheer hours of wear these things have had since coming to live in my closet. They're fantastic for snazzing up nearly any outfit. They take the boring mom-who-doesn't-want-to-bother-today look easily into the realm of "I'm cute and saucy." Any shoe with that kind of star quality is a needle in a haystack. And for $14.99? You just can't. stinkin'. go. wrong.

I do believe someone else found the good fortune before I, though. And it was her cohort that turned me on to them in the first place. Give credit where credit is due, y'all! (Did I sound like Britney Spears? Just for a split second?)
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Brandi said...

I have those too!

Susie said...

MMM, red....

*emmy said...

Oh, yeaaaah it's all about the red in this house too Sus.

I love
love my red ones too!

I have already put on some serious milage on my shoes in it's short live life in my house. I saw the silver version of this shoe at Target the other day. I think I like them. Hmmm, do I? Or do I like them only because I saw Brooke Sheids on Oprah and she was showing off her SIVER shoe that looked just like this one. But, of course she probaly paid like a gazillion $$'s for hers.

The Cheap Chick said...

My best friend just gave me two, yes TWO whole pairs of red shoes for my early Christmas gift.

If you want to check them out, I have a picture of them on my blog -

And I love Target shoes. Perhaps a bit unnaturally. Have you seen the Hollywould shoes? They made me cry with joy.

Thany said...

Look, here it is. The original post about the red flats. since leaving my last comment, I have been on Ebay looking at all KINDS of cute red flats and declaring my undying love for ALL of them.

After 13 years of marriage, David might actually have some competition for my heart.