Saturday, November 10, 2007

"No, really. It's the latest fashion statement."

Today was the kids' end of season soccer tournament. Taylor, Jordan, and Brittney's, to be specific. (We never quite told Ian he was eligible to play yet, thus giving us one more year without all FOUR of them in together. I know. Bad parents. BAD parents.) It's been foggy and colder here lately, and being the wonderfully prepared mom that I am, I thought today may be the same. This morning as we raced out the door I realized it wasn't. It was sunny. Breezy with a slight chill, but sunny. Now, it's not like the sun is intense here, so it's not normally cause for great concern. But when your first game is at 8am, your last game is at 3:30pm, and you have eight other consecutive games amidst those two...

Let's just say that for some reason all the kids are completely fine (oh, the irony), but I'm the one with huge raccoon eyes and a slash of white on either temple. Yes. I was wearing my sunglasses all day. And evidently the SPF 15 in my MAC foundation doesn't hold up during soccer games.

And the fact that I have a cold and have spent today wiping my snotty nose with cheap toilet paper obtained from the porta-poties means that it's EXTRA bright red, further accentuating the whiteness of my greater eye socket area.

"Gee, looks like you got a little sun."

"Yes, do you like it? It took me a while to get the exposure right, but I think I've finally nailed it. No, really. It's the latest fashion statement."

Maybe tomorrow (yes, more games tomorrow) I'll take the sunglasses off so I can burn my enTIRE face in a uniform manner...

or wear sunscreen.

(I'm not EVEN taking a picture of this, so don't ask.)
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Susie said...

Maybe you could sunscreen everything but the white lines and then they would match the rest of your face- I mean, if hte sunlight is jusT right. Right? Right!

J-Dizzle said...

Don't worry a thousand words are worth a picture...or something like that

*emmy said...

I hate when that happens.