Monday, November 5, 2007


I hear sniffing and turn to see Ian's eyes filled with tears. "But, Mom, why do you have to throw them in the trash."

"Oh, Ian buddy. We only made them for Halloween. We can't keep them all year. See? They're all nasty." I pinch my nose closed to take in a big gasp of air, blocking out the bad smell.

"But they're so cool." He watches as I roll one mushy pumpkin into the plastic bag. "Ewww... what's that white and green stuff?"

"That would be mold." I pinch my nose closed and suck in another lung full.

"Oh, gross! There's black stuff in the white stuff! They're rotten, Mom!"

"Yes, that's why we're throwing them away. Mommy forgot the pumpkins were getting hit with the sprinklers."

Ian leans in for a much closer look. "Oh, man. Those are NASty." I resort to holding the sleeve of my sweatshirt over my nose as I try to hold the bag and scoop in the pumpkins with one hand. Ants scatter. "But, Mom, we can go get NEW pumpkins at Albertson's. They still have them."

"No, actually, they're all gone." I scoop in Brittney's small, cute pumpkin that wasn't in the direct sprinkler line and has faired better than the others.

"Oh, no! Not Brittney's pumpkin, too! Hey, what's that slimy stuff on the concrete?"

"That's pumpkin guts."

"Ewww. Okay, you can throw them away."

At least the candy has a shelf life of eternity... unless I leave it in the sprinklers.

(Clockwise from Top Left: Brittney's, Jordan's, Taylor's, Ian's.)
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*emmy said...

Good job on the carving! I'm sad that this year we never did get to carve our pumpkins :^(.

Thany said...

I dread the throwing away of the pumpkins I have coming up soon. Since we carved them so late, I have a few more days left.

But it won't be pretty.

Amy said...

Yes parting is such sweet sorrow. I'll have to blog about Paige and the pumpkin and the baseball bat.. she was about 2... hmmm funny stuff