Friday, November 23, 2007

Falling Off the Wagon

Yes, I know. And thank you to all who have pointed it out to me. I have fallen off the NaBloPoMo wagon. Please know this was NOT by choice, but rather necessity. Last weekend was Brit's State Gymnastics Meet in San Diego. We left Friday, and I woke up around 4:30am Saturday morning in the hotel room with the thought blaring through my brain, "Oh, my gosh! I didn't blog yesterday!"

This is the part where an anonymous benefactor feels sorry for me buys me a laptop for Christmas. (Mac, please.) =^) With no laptop and no computer access, keeping up was just a tad impossible. I COULD have back posted, but I take NaBloPoMo very seriously and that would compromise my blogging integrity. (Because the Google ads in my sidebar haven't yet.)

We had a great time on our little trip. The train was definitely a new and fun experience. What a slick way to travel!

Friday night was dinner with amazing friends.

Saturday we descended on Sea World. Right off the kids got to handle some really cool animals.

We went to the dolphin show first off, where the kids all insisted on sitting right up front. "Okay," Nate said, "but this is the Soak Zone. Don't say we didn't warn you!" When Ian heard he would get wet he promptly rose another ten rows in the stadium to sit with the wise adults. Taylor, Jordan, and Brit got absolutely drenched... and loved it. However, Jordan decided to not sit up front later on at Shamu Stadium.

It was such fun to watch the kids' expressions as they touched the different animals throughout the day. Feeding the dolphins was a favorite, and we discovered Bat Rays are slimy.

Sunday we got around to doing what we actually came to San Diego to do! Brittney's State Meet was a pretty big deal. She did a great job just as she has all season, and we're proud to say that our little gymnast is ranked #22 out of Level 4 girls her age in Southern California. It was a lot of pressure, and she just went out there and had fun. (Thanks, Coach Ally!)

Monday we were back on the train home. My parents flew in for Thanksgiving and picked us up at the station when we got in that night. Taylor's iPod was well used, and a some sleep was caught up on. That was another good thing about the train: Nate didn't have to drive.

So, although I'm officially off the wagon, I'll still be here. You can still keep that bookmark on this page. I'm not going anywhere. And I guess if my family comes before blogging then my priorities are indeed in order.
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Thany said...

Hey, hey! That's US!!!
It was such a JOY to see you and your wonderful family...words can't adequately express it.

*emmy said...

Awww and Angela blog.

We absoluetly loved our time with you and we finally got to meet you lovely family! It was indeed a wonderful weekend.

Brandi said...

Your back! Congrats Brittney!!! I wish I could go to Sea World...that looked like SO much fun. And spending time with Emmy and fun!

Amy said...

YAY!! You blogged :) I had so much fun seeing you!! It was awesome! :) Glad your back in the bloggosphere. :)

Jordan said...

I'm glad you had such a wonderful weekend, sad I still haven't met you...sigh,someday. The gymnastics pictures warmed my heart. I got all fuzzy inside. 22 is awesome! The fact that she had fun doing it is most important.