Thursday, November 8, 2007

Aqua Dots Recalled

This is scary. The toy my son as been begging for over the past few months has just sent multiple children into comas! Aqua Dots was recently found to contain a chemical that, when ingested, converts into the date rape drug gamma hydroxy butyrate. Crazy. Every time we go to Target Ian wants to walk down the toy aisle and point out how much he NEEDS Aqua Dots. "But, MOM! They're so cool!"

The toy, made at a factory in Southern China, has been distributed to at least 40 countries. The manufacturer has issued a warning and will let each country decide whether to pull the tainted product or not. And what a crazy thing right before the Christmas shopping season!

But, doesn't this fall just a tad into the giving-bad-people-bad-ideas category? A widely available product that can be used as a date rape drug. Given, you've got to report it, but how many creepy men are going to be trawling bars with Aqua Dots in their pockets now?
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Ati2ude said...

As long as they don't recall Doritos!

I'm off work today, so I thought I'd actually post a comment to you: My Christmas shopping is finished!


Hey, since you are the knower of all things to know - what does one get a 12 yr old girl for xmas?

Last question: Does your sister have one of these blogger things that I should be tuning into as well?


Brandi said...

That is an interesting spin on it. I hope women will be able to see a small pink "aqua dot" floating in their beer.

Ati2ude said...

Yeah but if you happen to be a Martini drinker like myself, it might easily be mistaken for exotic garnish.