Tuesday, November 6, 2007

And you thought you were being healthy

Are they SERIOUS? Are they really, truly serious about this? In our additive addicted society we beef up everything in an attempt to be healthy, from calcium in our chocolate to extra vitamins in our water. But this? Seriously. How much of a self-loathing concept do you want us to develop?

“Well, we thought you were putting on a few too many extra pounds drinking that plain water, so we developed this here diet water.”

They’ve gone too far. Too, too far.

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*emmy said...

What?! That makes no sense at all! Hmmm I wonder if they spiked the water with some water laxatives or something. Crazy world!!

Brandi said...

That is a joke right?

MomOfDudes said...

Too funny, Cam and I were once discussing a certain flavored water and I said "I wonder if it comes in regular flavor?" I will never live that one down

Jeremy said...

Yes, it is a great accompaniment to my new brand of diet lettuce

esther said...

ahh but does it work?

also I thought Steve Madden was a

football player?

I am so confused. He makes shoes?

Thany said...

It seems to me that if you are disciplined enough to consume water in amounts so great that you'd consider switching to diet, then you probably wouldn't need the diet water in the first place, right?

Or is my thinking just a little too circular?