Tuesday, October 30, 2007

This is so incredibly exciting! Yay, Katie!

I have a DVR. I have a family. I stay very busy. But my DVR ensures that a certain show I enjoy does not go missed. It will record for weeks, and then when I suddenly have a spare 45 minutes (read: will collapse dead if I don't make myself take "me" time), I can sit and enjoy my show.

Alas, when I went to watch my beloved Grey's Anatomy the other night I discovered that only the last two minutes of the first three episodes of this season had recorded! I had the fourth and fifth, but you can't watch those without first watching the others! An angry letter to DirecTV has yet to resolve the issue, but I'm still pushing it. (If anyone has a tip on where I can find the first three it would be greatly appreciated. I'm not holding my breath for Susan at customer service to come through.)

However, had I actually been able to watch the show and gotten caught up I would have come upon an amazing surprise in this last episode when I heard my friend *Katie's* song!!! Oh, my gosh! I couldn't believe when I went to her page yesterday evening to add it back onto my page, and discovered that it had indeed been on the show.

Why am I so excited about this? Because the Grey's soundtrack is so widely listened to. It's a thing. It's like a cultural, generational thing right now. It's largely responsible for Mat Kearney's successs over the past 13 months, after his song was on early in the season last year. And Katie just deserves this. Her style is so unique and fresh, her words unexpectedly outside of the norm and just what thirsty ears are longing for. Her cd gets lots of play around here... and she's a blast to sing with to top it all.

*Go.* Check out her stuff. Order her cd's. You're going to love her.
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