Monday, October 29, 2007

Birthday Week

Birthday Week is officially over at the White House, but we're still in the middle of Birthday Month. I cannot believe that my oldest is in 5th grade. I also can't believe that my oldest is in Youth Group. I also struggle at times because he can be so darn mature that it blows me away. (Yesterday all four kids got into trouble together. Taylor stood up and took responsibility for it all, apologizing to the other kids for leading them astray. He even asked for the first spanking! What is this?) And when I watch him worship in the front row, without care for what those around him are doing, my mother's heart swells with tears of joy.

My Taylor is now 11. He's turning into the man we've prayed he will become. And I have another cake sitting over on the counter that needs my attention.

(Notice how three of our four kiddos are each missing front teeth somewhere their smiles. It makes for great photos!)
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