Wednesday, October 31, 2007

On the Subject of My Archives...

Dear goodness, switching them all would take for freakin' ever. I tried. Lord knows, I tried. You can see that at first I started at the beginning, even re-posting people's comments. Then you can see I began back-tracking with my most recent posts. But a girl just can't do it all! Well, maybe a girl could, but for a busy mother of four it's quite a long shot. So, if you'd like to view my archives from October 15, 2007 on back, please go amuse yourself at my *previous blogging site.*

Also, please note that for some reason when I put in a link it's not ALWAYS distinguishing it with a different color. (Post-post: on this post it obviously did, but on my previous post it did not. Operator error, I'm sure.) Until I resolve that issue with my vast lack of computer knowledge, I'll hug the link with cute little asterisks. (Does anyone else ever feel funny saying that word? "Asterisk." It's like I'm saying something naughty, but not quite.)
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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

This is so incredibly exciting! Yay, Katie!

I have a DVR. I have a family. I stay very busy. But my DVR ensures that a certain show I enjoy does not go missed. It will record for weeks, and then when I suddenly have a spare 45 minutes (read: will collapse dead if I don't make myself take "me" time), I can sit and enjoy my show.

Alas, when I went to watch my beloved Grey's Anatomy the other night I discovered that only the last two minutes of the first three episodes of this season had recorded! I had the fourth and fifth, but you can't watch those without first watching the others! An angry letter to DirecTV has yet to resolve the issue, but I'm still pushing it. (If anyone has a tip on where I can find the first three it would be greatly appreciated. I'm not holding my breath for Susan at customer service to come through.)

However, had I actually been able to watch the show and gotten caught up I would have come upon an amazing surprise in this last episode when I heard my friend *Katie's* song!!! Oh, my gosh! I couldn't believe when I went to her page yesterday evening to add it back onto my page, and discovered that it had indeed been on the show.

Why am I so excited about this? Because the Grey's soundtrack is so widely listened to. It's a thing. It's like a cultural, generational thing right now. It's largely responsible for Mat Kearney's successs over the past 13 months, after his song was on early in the season last year. And Katie just deserves this. Her style is so unique and fresh, her words unexpectedly outside of the norm and just what thirsty ears are longing for. Her cd gets lots of play around here... and she's a blast to sing with to top it all.

*Go.* Check out her stuff. Order her cd's. You're going to love her.
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Monday, October 29, 2007

Birthday Week

Birthday Week is officially over at the White House, but we're still in the middle of Birthday Month. I cannot believe that my oldest is in 5th grade. I also can't believe that my oldest is in Youth Group. I also struggle at times because he can be so darn mature that it blows me away. (Yesterday all four kids got into trouble together. Taylor stood up and took responsibility for it all, apologizing to the other kids for leading them astray. He even asked for the first spanking! What is this?) And when I watch him worship in the front row, without care for what those around him are doing, my mother's heart swells with tears of joy.

My Taylor is now 11. He's turning into the man we've prayed he will become. And I have another cake sitting over on the counter that needs my attention.

(Notice how three of our four kiddos are each missing front teeth somewhere their smiles. It makes for great photos!)
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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

The Belated Birthday Boy

Jordan's official birthday was Sunday, when I was supposed to get home at 11:30pm. Then my flight was delayed. When I finally got home Monday at 6:30pm we celebrated. Big Mac Monday and Red Velvet Cake, two of his favorite things. Four crazy kids, three of whom are desperate for haircuts. Throw in a Starwars lego ship, a microscope, and a telescope and you've got lots of fun craziness. Add in a leftover My Little Pony birthday hat, and you've got insanity.

My amazing Jordan. Soccer player. Ladies' man. Mathematician. A gentleman. Caring. Loving. Snuggler. Officially nine.

How does time go by so fast?
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Monday, October 15, 2007

"While Lyme Disease is cute, the Common Cold may be cuter."

A friend told me about this website. People think of everything! While Lyme Disease is cute, the Common Cold may be cuter. And who ever knew that Herpes looked so cheerful?

What's YOUR favorite microbe?
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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Noticeably Absent

"I'm putting out an APB on the missing "Angela Blogs". Have you seen them?" Fine, Mr. I-Know-How-To-Make-Her-Feel-Guilty.

Yes, I know where the "Angela Blogs" are. They're floating around in my head, unable to get out because they keep bumping up against my to-do list. It's like the start of the New York Marathon with all those people running so tightly packed that the lone person standing on the side couldn't possibly squeeze in. That lone person has to wait until the torrent passes and the end of the pack stragglers are making their way by to dash in. So, the Soccer Mom Blog wanted to come jump into the mix the other day, but the runners never tapered out. And then there was the We're-Missing-the-Point-of-What-Being-a-Christian-Means blog. It was a good one that kept trying to elbow it's way into the mass of to-do items flashing by, but never did succeed. The Small-Town-Mentality blog got it's leg cut off by the overzealous errand day last week, and my Sassy Shoe Thursday post that I was not going to let ANYthing get in the way of is still in the hospital bed. No one knows if it will wake from it's coma.

I have not given up. I will not give up. In fact, I will say this: I am accepting the challenge again this year to do NaBloPoMo!!! But I will have a surprise for my blog readers before we actually get to that day infamous day in November. *evil laugh*

Seeing as how I'm leaving my lovely family tomorrow to fend for themselves until Saturday evening, I now must tend to yet more of my to-do list. (Which may or may not involve perusing the clearance rack at Target. Hey, stuff from the Libertine collection is now 50 to 75% off!)
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Monday, October 1, 2007

Sweaters, Shoes, and Sleep

Happy October! I yearn for that crisp, autumn feel. Warm, cozy sweaters. Tea in the afternoon. This Thursday I'll post my new Sassies for you that may not be all that sassy, but are quite seasonally appropriate.

The weekend was more than a tad nuts. Gymnastics, church, soccer, soccer, gymnastics, soccer, church, worship-thingy... at the moment I'm being deservedly lazy. I still haven't posted about my amazing surprise birthday party LAST weekend. But for now, enjoy The Shoe Project that I found on my good friend Susie's blog. Things like this actually make a little lump appear in my throat and a bit of emotion cross my face. Shoes. People. I love shoes. I love people. It's like a window into someone's world that they don't necessarily mean to leave open, but it's there just the same.

I can't wait for naptime.
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