Tuesday, September 18, 2007

"Well, you better get crackin’ on your birthday list blog, then."

These words were uttered by my husband yesterday afternoon. They were preceeded by these words:

Him - "You're not getting anything for your birthday."

Me - "What? Why not?"

Him - "You haven't told me what you want."

Me - "Honey, I'm like the easiest person in the world to buy for! You're my husband, you know what I want. Read my blog!"

Him - "I'm not buying you one hundred and seventy-three dollar boots."

Me - *scowls* "There's other stuff, too."

Him - see title

Sheesh. Someone could give me a twig with a bow on it. I would display it proudly, commenting on how unique and rustic it was. I am not a rocket scientist. This is not rocket science. And, truly, just occupy my children for twenty minutes and I'll be happy. But, here's my list anyway.

*A housekeeper once a week. Fine, I'll take every other week. To do the bathrooms, floors, windows, and baseboards. (I'll still take care of the normal stuff.) Wait, this sounds somewhat familiar.

*Tickets to David Crowder Band at the House of Blues in Anaheim October 14th. (Pretty difficult, seeing as how I'm out of town in the days shortly before and shortly after.)

*Their new cd, Remedy (out September 25th).

*Simplify Your Time, by Marcia Ramsland. I sat by this wonderfully sweet lady at Women of Faith. She can calm you with a simple smile. I think I need this book. I know I need this book. Read the title! YOU know I need this book!!! (And if I need that, I might need this one, too. And maybe this one?)

*The boots. Brown. 7 1/2.

*Cute closed-toe flats. Red patent?

*New jeans.

*My camera repaired... or a new one. (This is my own fault.)

*A laptop... so my time at sports practices can be used to jump start my dreams. But, I'm a mac girl, so this won't come cheaply. So it also won't come anytime soon.


*Tall Uggs. Who cares if they aren't "trendy" anymore. They're classic, and will be cherished come November soccer games, April baseball games, and all the months inbetween. (Those who think we moved to "warm, sunny California" need to come for a visit!)

*A new humidifier for my lovely guitar.

*My husband to read For Men Only. (Don't worry, honey. It's already on its way. I know how much you love to read.)

So, if we go by this list, I'll probably get a book, a cd, and maybe a guitar humidier. The rest aren't very reasonable. And even if I wake up Saturday with a twig lying next to my pillow, I'll be perfectly happy. I have a wonderfully loving family, and an amazing husband who cooks dinner, loads and unloads the dishwasher, jumps on the trampoline with the kids, is my roadie, encourages my dreams, and makes me laugh. ("Little Orphan Awesome," "Lookin's free, but touchin's gonna cost you.")

What do YOU think I should get for my birthday? Sanity, possibly? Is that a gift that can be given?
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