Friday, September 21, 2007

The Shirt

Last week I was running around doing errands. Return something there, pick up something here. I was at the mall for reasons I can't remember (This is your brain. This is motherhood. This is your brain on motherhood. Any questions?), and had to walk through Macy's. Well, you can't simply walk through Macy's. You have to walk by the sale rack. Then you might just have to thumb through to see what size those cute pants are on the sale rack. Then when you see the cute shirt that would match the cute pants also hanging on the sale rack, and subsequently see the sign that says "take an extra 50% off the lowest marked price," you might have to make a trip to the dressing room.

A trip to the dressing with a four year old can be an interesting adventure, especially when there's other women in the slatted cubicles on either side to hear the conversation. It had something to do with diapers, underwear, sharks, Brittney, and Heaven was mentioned in the midst of it. I kept hearing snickers coming from the cublicle to my right. I guess I'd laugh, too. (You can always tell who was in the dressing room by who is watching you with that knowing half smile when you exit.) So, it could have been the distracting conversation... or maybe it was the energy I put into trying to convince myself the shirt looked good... or maybe it was because I was rushing, since I didn't really have the time or money to be in the dressing room trying on new clothes anyway...

A few errands later, while walking into Costco, I realized my shirt was on inside out. That wouldn't be a big deal, mind you, if it was solid color. Just a few exposed seams here and there. But it wasn't. It was my Ado(red) t-shirt. So the print was backwards. Nice.

And I thought people were smiling at me because my outfit was so cute.

(This is where I remind myself that as long as you hold your head high and carry yourself with confidence you can pull off any outfit. ANY outfit. Even one with an inside out shirt with backwards print. Right? RIGHT?)

Consequently, I bought the Macy's shirt, and it's haging in the Macy's bag by the front door, receipt attached. It didn't really work, even after my attempts at self-convincing. Now I have to return it. I'll try to stay out of the dressing rooms this time.
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