Monday, January 2, 2006

some kind of ordinary

Life can seem so ordinary. But isn't that what we're supposed to excel at? Wherever we're at, do our best. 2006 feels just like 2005. Every new year always feels like the last, apart from that small nagging knowledge that this is our "chance" to make a fresh start and possibly stick to it.

But, do you know what I mean when I say ordinary? Going about the same things I always go about. Unloading and reloading the dishwasher. Switching laundry and folding it. Emptying the trash. Making necessary phone calls. Sweeping the kitchen for the millionth time. Making the same cup of tea every single morning. (If the Commissary would ever carry Madagascar Vanilla Red I'd have a different kind!) Resolving the kids' disagreements. Driving them to countless datees on my calendar. Trying to do everything better.


But I'm called to do everything as if doing it for Christ... because I AM doing it for Christ. Taking care of my family is serving Him. Cleaning up spilt milk under the table more times than I can count is serving Jesus. Smiling at that person stuck in traffic beside me is serving Jesus. If I do what I do out of love, if I serve the people I love out of LOVE, then I am making a difference. Even in my ordinary.

So I will keep on keeping on in my ordinary, in my routine. It can be easy to loose sight of the "why" and think of it as a "have to." In all honesty, I do that quite often. I can slip in to that numbness of just existing. But if I take the time to dance in the kitchen with the kids at lunchtime and give a few tickles before naps and use my spatula as a microphone when Superchick comes on and sqeeze my hubby's rear as he passes me in the hallway and wear my bright red heels (and my purple ones, and my pink ones, and my green ones, and my...) and listen, really listen, to those that tell me I touched them in some way... then my ordinary will become extraordinary as I live my life dancing with my Jesus.

Because, really, it's not my life that I'm living. It's His.
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Analisa said...

wow! I just want to tell you that when you are on stage your presence is not ordinary! and your voice is not ordinary either! I think we all think life is ordinary until we realize what was sacrificed for us to have life and then we know no life will ever be ordinary!