Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Wrestling trees...

Coming from Oregon, I am used to paying next to nothing for a fabulous tree. For me, $40 for a 10 footer is a rip off. However, this is Colorado and the rules have changed. This may explain why last night around 7pm I became extremely giddy when a "tree guy" said he'd sell me a beautiful 12 footer for $68. I clapped my hands together and exclaimed, "really? That tree? We'll take it!" In three weeks I will basically be setting $70 by the curb so the garbage man can throw it in the dump.

Now I have a gorgeous 12 foot tree laying on the side of my house waiting for me to wrestle it inside and put it up... by myself. Nate's out of town until Friday, and since Christmas season in our home doesn't officially begin until the tree is up, I am going to win this wrestling match. Today. In just a few minutes. I was able to get it off the roof of the Suburban last night, so I'm pumped that I can do this.

I will make the fresh cut with the saw all by myself.

I will hoist it into position all by myself. (I will put on the stand while it's still laying down so I have better odds.)

I will string the lights carefully around each branch so they are evenly distributed and glowing gloriously... all by myself.

This is going to work! Ha! I will win and the Christmas season will officially be here at the White House in Denver! (Listen, please don't pop my bubble right now. It's all I have.)
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