Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Why I never finish anything

I'm putting the wet clothes from the washer into the dryer. The phone rings. I go to answer it. My wonderful hubby is calling to say hi from work. Brit, who's supposed to be in bed asleep, is in the upstairs bathroom and yelling for "assistance." I go to "help," still on the phone. She's now back in bed, I close her door, and am asked to hold for a minute while Nate deals with "work." In this instant I see into my open bedroom, and the clutter that has collected. I'm on hold, so I go tidy a bit while waiting. I put some laundry away, which brings me to the stark realization my closet is in worse shape than my bedroom. I start tending to it instead. Nate comes back on the line. My closet's a little nicer, but I need to throw these bags away before continuing. I head back downstairs. I notice I never finished putting the dinner dishes in the dishwasher. Still on the phone I get a few thing cleaned, then say goodbye to the one whom I miss so much when he works nights. I need a new dishtowel, so I fold a bit of laundry on the couch while I'm digging to find one I like. (Every homemaker has dishtowels she doesn't like but hangs onto because she feels guilty throwing them away.) I find it, and go to wipe up the counter, only to find the bags I was throwing away. I head to the garage to put them in the trash can. As I walk through the laundry room I am reminded of what I was originally doing before the phone rang: switching laundry. I finish putting the wet clothes in the dryer, and quickly put a fresh load in the washer before I forget what I'm doing.

I push the clean laundry aside on the couch and flop down to finally (at 9:45) have my dinner while trying to finish the Christmas cards that never got sent out LAST YEAR!
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Susie said...

Sounds strangely similar to my life. Take a breath :)