Monday, December 26, 2005

What did YOU get?

I always LOVE hearing what everyone received for Christmas! So, I'll tell you mine, if you'll tell me yours, eh?
Some of the highlights:
* a Taylor guitar t-shirt I've been coveting
* the Narnia sountrack
* Angela Thomas' "When Wallflowers Dance"
* a subscription to US Weekly... yipee!
* a pink suede jacket
* a black faux fur neck wrap with matching gloves
* the extreme joy of watching my kiddos' excitement at opening "just what they wanted."
* Oh, and I gave the kids all of the Chronicles of Narnia on audio cd (the ones from Focus on the Family). But, that was also a gift for me, since I can hardly wait to listen to them!!!

Okay, your turn!

Nate LOVED the "More Cowbell" t-shirt I gave him. Total surprise. And it's perfect. I think I'll get a matching one and we can wear them on dates. (I'm such a nerd!)
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