Friday, December 30, 2005


Some would say I'm getting older, so my sensitivities are raising. I would say the culture's insensitivity is increasing exponentially, and they try to tell me I'm just too much of a prude. Or maybe being a parent simply makes me more aware of things previously out of my radar.

All that to say, I can't stand unrated movies. They put a movie in theaters, and upon video release they add some "extra fun" scenes and call it unrated. This ruins the movie!

Case in point: Saving Silverman. This movie is a classic for Nate and I. We first saw the rated version, and when we went to watch it again we unknowingly rented the unrated version. Having the extra language and skin just made it not funny to us! When I went to buy it as a gift for him it took me literally a couple YEARS to find the rated one!!! Come on, movie honchos, at least put both versions on the same disk so you can choose which one to watch.

Blockbuster always has the unrated movies. Hollywood Video always the rated. It was more convenient last night to stop at Blockbuster. We had a gift card. We didn't think it would matter too much. But once again, my DVD enjoyment has been hampered by "additional scenes."

Never again.

The less skin and offensive language the better.
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