Monday, December 12, 2005

Runny nose, itchy eyes, aching throat and other various body parts

What I'm not clear on is if I have a cold or if I'm just crashing after having two very busy, very taxing long weekends in a row, with a tough week sandwiched inbetween. I guess these symptoms can go either way. So, I will cling to my Celestial Seasonings Nutcracker Sweet Tea and hunker down in my flannel jingle bell pajamas. I'm still in operation mode, mind you. There's too many tasks screaming for my attention to go dormant. But, at least I will feel cozy and comforted... even if my eyes can hardly remain open.
I'm tough. I can hang on 'til nap time. OR I could put on a movie for the kids and go crawl in bed for a bit now. Hmmmm...
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