Wednesday, December 28, 2005


We bought a new computer last week. A gorgeous iMac. Nate has been having fun loading all of our cds into iTunes so we can store them away in a box. Our old computer didn't have enough memory to do this, and we never pulled out the cds just to listen to a few songs, so they mostly went unused over the past few years. Now that we have all those songs just a click away, what memories they bring back! They're all soundracks to different parts of our lives. Country was and remains such a big slice of who I am. For years I've not listened to that time in my life history. The soundtrack has become Disney music, veggietales on cd, Superchick and Relient K that the whole family can rock out to. But my country roots will always be strong.

The memories Garth brings back: riding around in Jason's old truck, out to Calapooia, Triangle Lake rockslides, late nights after swim meets just looking up at the stars.

The Judds and Randy Travis are what Nate and I fell in love to.

Paul Overstreet's lyrical truths helped save me from a steep slide years ago.

At the moment "The River" is flowing out of our speakers. Oh, those high school dances...

Technology doesn't only move us forward, it takes us back, too.
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