Sunday, December 25, 2005

Merry Christmas!

And in the final minutes of such a glorious celebration I'm logging on to wish everyone a wonderfully merry Christmas! Ours was perfect, and I hope yours was as well. (As perfect as perfect can be with four sleep deprived, sugar filled, overly-excited children.) How amazing that Jesus was just a baby, like any other little baby boy. This thought always crosses my mind a lot during this season. I look at my boys and wonder what must have gone through Mary's mind, knowing she would have to give up her son one day in such a horrible but necessary way. Could I give up my boys? Could I even bear living with that thought?
But she did.
And he died.
And I won't have to give up my boys because she already did.

Merry Christmas.
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Susie said...

Well said, Angela. We just received your beautiful Christmas photo and letter. Thank you for the smile and congrats on getting them out!!