Thursday, December 15, 2005

Manolo's, Steve Madden, Target...

The point is I love shoes. It doesn't quite matter where they're from or how much they cost. As long as they make a high pitched "eeee" involuntarily well up in my thoat they are akin to euphoric drugs. I would love to own a pair of Manolo's, Jimmy Choos, or even Prada. That will most likely never happen, unless I win some or a very giving wealthy woman decides to bestow on me her closet. (It could happen.) Or maybe designers will start sending them to me to give feedback. I'm a great critic!

But I will always grace the Steve Madden sale rack, as well as buy their less expensive ones at Ross. And I will keep on hunting for stylish AND comfortable ones at Target. But I will tend to err on the side of style, giving up comfort for the sake of looking cute.

All that to say, I was at the mall today with a friend for four hours and did not get a pair of shoes. This is so out of character. I got a cute sweater and some great VS undies, but no shoes. It kind of creates a fever in me that wants to go back as soon as possible and hunt for some that will bring on the "eeee." (That only happens when they are superb AND affordable.)

Maybe I'll win the Manolo's from the USA Weekend contest. Eh?
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