Monday, December 19, 2005

It's the most wonderful time of the year...

The Christmas cards have yet to make their trek down to the mailbox. I forgot to include our Disneyland trip in the "yearly update" and the envelopes aren't sealing for some reason. The gingerbread men are still in the egg carton/sugar bag/vanilla bottle until I form them. The christmas cookies are in the same state. The calls still need to be made to invite friends over Friday night. Ian's stocking is still the cheesey Santa one that used to be Grams', and not the nice handmade one that everyone else has. The presents aren't wrapped yet. I'm not quite done with shopping. (Am I ever?) I still haven't taken the kids to the nursing home to visit the elderly like I wanted. I've given up on having Christmas lights this year, even though this house is perfect for it. I haven't learned the songs for the Christmas Eve or Christmas Day services yet, and there's a lot of them. The house is still a mess from spending so much time putting up the tree, which is leaning more and more sideways by the hour.

And Christmas is less than a week away.

It is generally this time of year that I start to stress and panic over all the things that aren't done. As the days go by I turn into a tornado, whirling around trying to tie up all the loose ends so a picture perfect Christmas can be had by all. But...

this year I'm trying something new. I fully acknowledge all that is not yet accomplished, and will tend to things as I have time. But I will take an afternoon to play games with the kids. I will wear my Santa hat and Reindeer antlers, complete with blinking nose, throughout my activities... even to the Post Office. I will invite friends over, even if they have to witness the dust on the shelves and spilt milk in the kitchen corner. I will stop to give my hubby some lovin'. I will not beat myself up over the things that didn't get done by Christmas Eve morning. I will slow down and remember the reason I am doing all these things in the first place:

Jesus. He came to bring peace and life to us. I want to bring peace and life back into my Christmas.
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Grandma said...

Friends would LOVE to come over and just be a PART of your happy chaos!!! Let THEM make the cookies and then they can decorate (used loosely) them with the kids!!! Everybody LOVES dust this time of year, because it makes us all feel so human. That's why we cover it up with fake snow!!! Ian's stocking is that way because he's so SPECIAL!!! Nobody else in the world has a stocking that used to belong to great-Grams!!! Christmas is people, Christmas is relationships, Christmas is wonder....and...well...if the tree leans a little it just reminds us that we all lean a little, too. So, Charlie Brown, don't wonder if you'll get it all done...instead wonder that He came and did it all, and there's nothing, absolutely nothing that we can add to that!!! YOU are Christ's Christmas present to God!!! And in your little hands are the very ones that He has entrusted to you now, too. Hold them close.