Wednesday, December 14, 2005

I win

I win

My body is covered in bruises and bloody scrapes. My hands are constantly stinging from little pine needle pricks. I am physically worn out and yet strangely satisfied. The tree is up! Not only is it up, it is adorned with lights. And I did not simply wrap the lights around in big circles. NO! I followed the White House tradition of wrapping each branch individually. It looks much better, even if it takes four times as long. Having had no help whatsoever, I can say I feel rather smug at the moment... even if it took half the day yesterday and all day today. And even if I yelled a few times at the kids to get out of the living room if they valued their lives.
My house is a wreck, but the tree is up.

I win.

However, this experience has led me to greatly consider Sears' After Christmas Sale, at which artificial trees will be 90% off. I swore I wouldn't ever do it. But, I do not relish the thought of taking the lights back OFF the tree now that they are so intricately woven IN the tree. As with giving birth, time takes away the bad memories and only leaves you with the good. We'll see if three weeks is enough time to talk my bloody hands out of buying that fake tree at Sears.

*Put up my own 12 foot Christmas tree.

*gone skydiving.

*Met Matthew McConaughey.

What have YOU done? It would be nice to get a better resonse than yesterday. (Thanks, Susie!)
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Analisa said...

i have ridden a rollercoaster 120 stories up. The stratosphere in las vegas has three rollercoasters on the top. the first one drops you from the top, the second one goes around the top and third and scariest one goes off the side of the building and spins, and tilts you!

I have shark fished or hunted...not sure what it is called but I did it.

I have been in the pacific ocean, atlantic ocean, and gulf of mexico at the same time! (shark hunting)

I told you my life is boring!

Susie said...

I have danced on a New York City Bar (think Coyote Ugly).
I have given birth without an epidural.
I have had my work published in a scrapbook magazine.

In that order :)