Friday, December 23, 2005

Good Tidings We Bring...

I never did get the gingerbread men formed. The speaker wires were still hanging funny in the family room. The coffee wasn't made yet when the first guests came through the door. In fact, I was still getting ready upstairs. I didn't have any fun activities planned, besides the White Elephant. And even though I only made the phone calls this last week, those that could come had fun.
Every time we have people over I worry about the stuff that no one ever notices. Or, if they do notice the food on the kitchen wall that I couldn't get off, they certainly don't care. And when they accidentally spill Salsa or their drink on the floor, they don't have to feel so awful. Hey, the carpet is already disgusting! What's one more color added to the mix?
In the end it's fun, fellowship, and good friends made better friends. Isn't that what life is all about anyway?
So, here's looking forward to next year's get together. Maybe the Thong Santa Suit will make an encore White Elephant appearance. =^)
(Thorntons, we wish you could have been here. We're sure you're having fun with family! People asked about you. Maybe next year?)
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