Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Going Out

I really don't want to face the last minute rush that is gaining in momentum just outside my cozy abode. The cars, the people, the craziness. I really don't. But we need decorations for the gingerbread men! Because they are so much more fun with the little silver ball buttons. I must be brave.
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Grandma said...

You can DO this!!! Silver ball buttons are absolutely NECESSARY!!! Besides, the kids will probably turn them into WMD's. Is a gingerbread man without a silver belly button REALLY a Christmas gingerbread man??? Now, I ask you, WWMD? (What Would Martha Do???) She would probably MAKE the silver balls herself...using tin foil which would get stuck in the kids' fillings and make for GREAT pain and agony and electric shock. See? WMD's after all!! And then no kids to eat the GB men. Kids and GB men are all writhing on the floor in electric shocked agony. So...silver balls it is. Did you notice that WMD is only one W away from WWMD? Somebody should legislate something here!
YOU are amazing!!
Verse for the day: "..."he (Moses) kept his eyes on The One Who Is Invisible." - Heb. 11:27
~Grandma Pajama