Friday, December 2, 2005

The Beauty of it All

One little look, just a few words from his mouth, and everything is put into perspective. It's amazing the power a 2 2/1 year old can have. He can stop the whole world. Everything else around him pauses and there is only our eye contact. A brief second, then I sweep him up in my arms and we both burst with laughter.
I can be tired, frustrated, grumpy, devestated, any myriad of emotions that seem so prevelant with me. But he comes running in anyway! "Ur yoo okayy?" or, "Mom, mom, I'm Bob Mato singin!" or, crackers bursting from his mouth with each syllable, "Yur Santa!"
Suddenly it's just him and me, with all else faded into the background. What I was feeling or thinking previously is no longer of any importance anywhere in the world. All that matters is how fast I can scoop up this little squirming bundle of arms and legs, how tight I can squeeze him, and how many kisses I can get in before he inevitable screeches, "Mommm, put me down!"
And everything is beautiful again.
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