Thursday, December 8, 2005

30 Compressions to every 1 Breath

Did you know that? They changed the CPR guidelines recently. Check for breathing/pulse. If none, give two big breaths, and then 30 compressions. One breath. 30 compressions. Repeat. That's right. It used to be fifteen. "They" found that chest compressions are the most important thing in keeping the person alive. And don't worry about re-assesing them, just keep going until the paramedics arrive. Keeping the blood flowing is more important than getting maximum air to the lungs. Good to know. Good to know.
This was brought to my mind Tuesday. My Handsome Hubby and I were driving to Boulder in the snow and ice. Suddenly a Jeep Liberty two cars up started to fishtail, veered into the inside lane, spun around so it was facing the wrong way, skidded toward the ditch, and then flipped twice. Very high flips, I might add. Nate was on the cell when it first started fishtailing, and as it was skidding for the ditch I was saying, "Honey, get off the phone. We're going to have to call 911." He was so brave and amazing. As I talked to the 911 dispatcher (first time ever calling them, thank goodness) he jumped out and ran to help. The other cars that had been around us just drove on past!!! A few others behind did stop, though.
Nate pulled a very shaken 18 year old college student out of the car. Thankfully she was fine, just in shock. No telling what would have happened, though, had her seatbelt not been on! We put her in our Suburban, with the blessed heated seat, and then sat there with her for the next 20 minutes as the paramedics checked her out and then the State Patrol came.
But in the midst of those first few intense moments the thing that kept running through my mind was, "They just changed the guidelins. 30 Compressions. 30 Compressions." It was nice to know that in the heat of the moment I haven't forgotten how to try and save a life.
Now I know what it's like to call 911.
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