Thursday, January 5, 2006

Any day now

We're in the window. Finally. We could find out today, or we could hang by a string until the end of March. We're praying for soon, but not holding out hope.

Nate's up for reassignment. Boulder wants him. He wants Boulder. But this is the Air Force, and what's done is not always logical or the best fit. Jobs are chosen based on how a group of people a few states away interprets your goals and what they think the best fit is for you. Often times the best fit is wherever they need someone the most, whether or not it will "benefit" your military career.

It sure does come in handy at this time to have our faith in God. Whatever the outcome we know that our lives and all the grimey little details are in His big, encompassing hands. We'd like to stay here... we think. On the other hand, if we were uprooted to Vandenberg AFB in California we'd understand exactly why God would put us there. Maybe they'll ship us off to somewhere that hasn't even crossed our minds yet. But, maybe we should get out altogether and take a different path. It's been on our minds lately, coming and going with each new development.

We've chosen this life, and it's turned out to be a good one for the most part. We have a beautiful home, the bills are paid, and job security is never an issue. On the other hand, Nate refuses to sacrifice his family or integrity to make his OPR's look good. (I think that stands for Officer Performance Review, maybe it's Report.) He'd rather be at home than talking in circles over quasi-solutions to made up problems with officers who are only out to promote themselves and make anyone in their way look bad. On the other hand, Nate has what is most likely the happiest crew ever in his squadron. He listens to his people and takes care of their issues. He is an excellent leader and is loved for it. Airmen jockey position to get switched to his crew. Sometimes they call our home just to get his opinion, because it truly matters to them. On the other hand, I don't want him to wind up burned out and unmotivated from years of fighting a losing battle against superior officers who care more about their own promotion than the well being of those under their direction. So, maybe we should keep on with the Air Force because it needs leaders like my Nate. I guess wherever we are, as Christians, we will always be going against the grain. For all its perceived integrity, the military is no different.

We're trying not to let the unknown wear on us. Trusting God, trusting God. But, even then the not knowing takes its toll. Whatever comes down, wherever they want him, decisions will have to be made. Sometimes change is easier than staying where you are. Staying where you are means you have to deal with what's in front of you, instead of putting it aside and moving on. But, we grow by working through things. Moving on rarely solves anything. And ultimately God will make it clear what He has for us...
I hope.
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Grandma said...

"But let endurance have it's perfect work, that you may be perfect..." (Jas. 1:4) That word in both cases for "perfect" is more correctly translated "mature", i.e. completely fulfilling the thing for which it is created. For example, a glass is "perfect" or "mature" or "accomplished" when it is holding liquid. It's doing the very thing it was created to do. And so...endurance is doing that in you and Nate: maturing you so that you will both fulfill the very thing for which you were created. And that will happen whether you remain in Denver, go to Boulder, or ship off to Timbuktu. Whichever way he is ordered to go, it will result in you both being used, moulded, used, matured, used, knit together, used, held close to His heart, used, and fulfilling His purposes wherever you go...because you are LIKE Him!!! You can't help it, and you can't NOT be like Him!! You are in His image, so whever you all go, He needs YOU there, because He has people there that need HIM and He wants specifically to use YOU to reach your everyday life, in your everyday schools, sports, shopping.

Soooo...when you go to the closet which jeans do you grab for? The MATURE ones!!! You know them, every wrinkle, every stain, every little tear and worn place, every little part has matured, become perfected, to fit only YOU. When God goes to His closet in the next few days/weeks, He will grab YOU!!! Because it's only YOU who will fit!!

He holds you in the palm of His hand...and His fist is closed.
~Grandma Pajama