Tuesday, September 10, 2013

10,000 Reasons

Had my world rocked this morning.

Not that that is uncommon for me. It happens quite often. Halted in my path by a sudden realization... a call to battle... my heart leaping into my throat, breath stopping short in my lungs.

Bobbie Houston posted this on Instagram:

My arrested thoughts were overtaken by the line on repeat: "Ten thousand reasons for my heart to find..."

Emotion welled up in me. The kind that tingles behind your nose and eyes but tears never come because your body is on pause.

Lest we ever forget. This. Is. Happening.

This. HAS. Happened.

And countless more that will never reach the news.

We have a voice, and here is a reason. One reason. One 8 year old reason. Rawan.

The same reasons we will raise our voice and bless the Lord are the same reasons we will raise our voice and cry out against the injustices of this world. Ten thousand reasons. This one little 8 year old reason. Rawan. And countless more.

Something is about to be exposed in our nation, the horrors of which many of our brains have never even begin to imagine. It's already being exposed throughout the world. And then horrors like Rawan and the continued nightmarish life that women across the world live in every day, that they have been living in for millennia.

"Ten thousand reasons for my heart to find..."

The same reasons we worship are the same reasons we will put our faith into action. Because faith without action is dead. James 2:17  In the same way, awareness without action accomplishes nothing. Don't walk through your day aware and fool yourself into thinking you're making a difference.

Act. Move. Do. Pray.

Lord JESUS. Rock our world. Arrest our hearts. Move us to action. Move our voices to simultaneously bless your name and cry out for justice. Move our hands to simultaneously lift high in worship and stretch to rescue the captives. Move our feet to simultaneously dance in praise and go to comfort the hurting.

Jesus, move us. MOVE US. Move us... that we may move.

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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Trip Update & Fun News

We are SO THANKFUL for the miracle we're watching take place!
Just a few weeks ago we needed $22,500.
As of today, we only need $4,500.

Our deadline was this past Monday, so we're praying and working with everything in our hands to finish up our fundraising for Swazi & Wales as ground costs are beginning to be paid out.
Thank you so much to those of you who are part of the GO!
As each one does the part God puts on their heart to do, the whole is accomplished.
And that's what we're seeing happen.

Thank you.

If you haven't had a chance to be a part of the GO yet, we still need you!
Just click the Africa Page link above this post, scroll down and you will find directions on ways to easily give and be a part.

We're SO EXCITED about some incredible trip updates that have happened in the last few days.
We have two carepoints, Gege & Mankayane, that comprise our Swazi Dream Center.
Usually we split our days between the two.

We JUST found out that when we do our big fun day, the Mankayane kids will be bussed over to Gege and we'll all be TOGETHER!
The fun day is when they have their Christmas meal in June and we get to paint nails, paint faces, play games and have a bouncy house.
Many of these Mankayane kids have never set foot out of their small community or even been in a car before, so what an amazing opportunity to get to ride a BUS to visit other kids!

AND (there's more. i know.) when they're all together for our big fun day we get to give them backpacks full of school supplies and personal care kits that have been put together by the children at our church.

AND, we're going to video our kids packing the bags and show it to our Swazi Dream Center kids, and then video them receiving the bags and show it to our NLC kids when they're together in a few weeks for Base Camp.

God is so amazing with His creativity and giving us the technology to be able to form relationships over thousands of miles between groups of children who would have never been able to connect otherwise.

That word.
THAT is community.
THAT is what we're building. Globally. Where we've been called to.

And this...

Will meet with this...

And become this...

Connection. Community. Relationship.

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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

ANOTHER Matching Campaign!

Oh, my GOODNESS!!!

We have had TWO more donors come forward and say they want to do a matching campaign to help us finish off what's left to raise.

(freak out. freak... OUT.)

Please go to the Africa page up top to read about how YOU can be part of this miracle and part of the GO.

Learning hand games last year...
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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

UPDATE: Africa

Wow! The matching campaign was AMAZING!!!
Thank you to ALL who were a part through finances and prayer!

Go to the Africa page (just up top, there) to read an update on what happened and where we're currently at with our trip.

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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

URGENT: Matching Gift Donation!

Someone has given us a matching gift for our Swazi/Wales trip!
Will you pray about helping us MAX THIS OUT??!!!?

Your $25 becomes $50.
Your $50 becomes $100.
Your $100 becomes $200.
I know... crazy amazing!!!!!!!

Go here to find out how to be a part of the miracle we're about to see.
(It's SOOOOO easy!!! And only takes a couple of minutes.)
Or just click the AFRICA link at the top of the page.

Us with Tebo:

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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Real Wisdom

"Do not be unwise, but understand what the will of the Lord is."
Ephesians 5:17

The Bible speaks so much of wisdom, how we're to run after it, seek it at all costs, that wisdom cries out to us and is waiting for us, that it's available to those who pursue it, who ask for it.

I remember being so paralyzed with decisions, frozen in fear that I would make the wrong choice. I was afraid that somehow I would unknowingly, in spite of my best intentions, go down some ill-wrought path.
I pictured myself some sort of Gollum-esque creature at the bottom of a scraggly dark trail gazing up at the distant light on the top of the mountain, realizing I had somewhere missed the "right" road, crying out (think Wicked Witch here), "Oh, what a world, what a world... I'm melting... oooohhhh..."

I know. It's my imagination. I'm sure you have your own picture.
And, truthfully, sometimes I still find myself stuck in this place.

Christ died so we would have freedom. FREEDOM, people! Freedom is not sitting at a crossroads agonizing in such a way that we stay stalled where we are for fear of what will come if we choose poorly. 
That's bondage.
We have an enemy that wants us to stay sitting there, stalled out, inactive.
(Mini word break-down: Inactive is the opposite of active. When we're inactive we're not taking action. That's the place the enemy wants to keep us! Taking no action.)

What is the opposite of unwise?
In Ephesians 5:17, the opposite of unwise is understanding the will of the Lord. 
So wisdom is understanding the will of the Lord.

What is God's will?
That we partner with Him in what He is doing, in what He has already been doing, in what He will continue to do.
We don't need to sit paralyzed at a crossroads, but prayerfully move forward in what God is doing... in what He is calling us to partner with Him in.

When we make our decisions based on this, we don't need to be afraid of winding up in a roadside ditch (insurance ad shout-out), because He's guiding us in what He has already been doing.
It may look different than anything we imagined.
(I'm a Mary Kay consultant working so our family can go to the nations. Never in a million years did it occur to me this would be how God provided for what we knew He was calling us to. Passions providing for passions. Amazing. Blows me away.)

Are you paralyzed today?
God brings wisdom. He gives it to those who ask.
And He wants you to partner with Him in what He's already doing, in accomplishing His will for the people around you... for the world... for you.
What crossroads are you at?
Which option is partnering with God in what He's doing? Is there one option in which you'd be trusting in yourself more than God?
Maybe both options are good. Don't sit stalled. Start pursuing.
Choose to partner with His will.
It will be the adventure of your life.

By the way, getting wisdom... understanding God's will... it's a never-ending seeking.
The more we seek, the more we find. Onward and upward, deeper into the mysteries. That's the beauty of it, that the deeper we go the more we realize we've only just begun.
("To live... white lace and promises..."
Couldn't help that.)

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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Laughing SO Hard

So, we have a friend who's a comedian.
No, like seriously.
He makes his living doing this stuff.
(...and is pretty hilarious... until he asks to babysit your children and you laugh because you think he's joking but he's actually serious... and then it isn't as funny.)

(Yes, John, I just said that.)

We were laughing at some of his videos the other day and I thought I'd share them with you.
These are from our Leadership Conference this past September.
(I think he's in Vegas right now, being all yes-I-do-this-for-a-living like.)

To see more, visit www.johncristcomedy.com

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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Behind the Outfit

For me, most things contain meaning.
I remember the stories behind articles of clothing... jewelry... furniture... books.
Fashion isn't just fashion... everything holds a memory.

A lot of people don't get this, and I get that.
I get why they don't get it.
It seems superficial, or materialistic, or whatever.
But the bottom line is I tend to attach meaning, whether warranted or not, to just about everything I have.
(I probably contain in my dna hoarder tendencies.)

Love languages?
My first is Acts of Service.
My second? (I've said this before.) Gifts.
Not gifts for gifts' sake. I remember when this came up in a specific conversation, and a short time later someone gave me a bunch of little stuff, because they thought "gifts" meant "stuff."
But, it's actually not about the "stuff" at all. It's the thought... yes, the sentiment... that speaks to my heart.

When I'm throwing together an outfit, there's always a back story.
I laugh and think of the memories, sometimes deep, sometimes not-at-all.
But, either way, I tend to remember... and hold dear.

This was a recent Instagram #outfitpost.
(You can find me under @angela_white on both Instagram and twitter.)

That navy early 90's shirt I found this summer at a Goodwill in Eugene, Oregon... the big town by the little town I grew up in. I was there with Nate and we were looking for something I can't recall. I was super excited to have something with such fun detail from our trip home.

When I say that scarf came from Forever21, that's no big deal. But in reality, it was a Forever21 in Michigan that we stopped at shortly after I got off the plane with my dear friend Rachael (now) Kiehne. We were there for a women's retreat at her home church, where she was leading worship and I was speaking for the weekend. We had been goofing around in the store (I think I wrapped this around my head), and I wound up buying it. I think of her and our fun trip and how blown away I am at the places God takes me nearly every time I wear it. (Hey, look! It's me & Rach in Michigan!)

The tank was actually a birthday gift from Hanna Hughes, who lived with us all last year. She had bought me something else that didn't quite *ahem* fit when she came for a visit in September, so I exchanged it for this tank with the cool strings on the sides. 
But that happened after she had left, and she never got to see it.
I always think how she would love the way I pair it with things.

The American Apparel skirt I went out on a limb and bought online. I just hardly ever do that stuff!!! But, there was an AA sale on gilt.com, and I just knew that I knew that I knew that I would adore this. It's a reminder every time I put it on that I WAS RIGHT.

The boots I've actually blogged on before... back when "myspace" and "blog" were still mentioned in the same sentence. (Oh, dear goodness, that post makes me emotional!)
They're my hometown. They're country girl. They're a bit of my past, which sat for a long time buried in my closet, but now are used SO often... if even in a different way than originally intended.
(Now THAT'S a message, right there.)

The moth pendant I remember hanging around my mom's neck when I was a little girl. Sometimes she would wear it with this dress that was all white with pink detailing that Dad bought for her on a trip to Korea.
She had pink pumps that matched the pink thread of the dress, and everything about it was just so perfect. Even now as I hold that image in my mind it has a soft-lens light to it.
Sometimes she would wear it to church.
Other times for very rare dates with Dad, which were usually to business meetings, because it wasn't often they could afford to go on an actual date.
I remember always being so mystified by the moths on either side that were pressed between the glass. It had belonged to my Great-Grania, and always seemed to have some kind of magic about it.
When Mom gave it to me there was such a thrill in my heart, like that was somehow an official passage into woman-hood, wearing the moth pendant.

And none of these "things" will last forever.
The clothes will fall apart, just like my mom's beautiful white dress from Korea did.
And the moth pendant will someday be passed to my daughter, but is also doomed to disintegrate, just like the dress.
It's good to recognize the meaning in things, and not look at everything in life from a sterile point-of-view.
And it's good to use the things that mean something to us, instead of keeping them behind glass to simply look at.

We only live once.
Let it be filled with meaning.

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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

My reaction... in song

Time to SHINE, baby, SHINE...
and PRAY, baby, PRAY.

Thank you, Jesus, for a nation in which we have the privilege of participating in choosing who governs us.

And thank you, JESUS, that YOU are still LORD.
Your Kingdom has come, and will come, and that. won't. change.
No matter what.
The darker things get, the brighter we will shine.

So, let's shine.

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Monday, November 5, 2012

Laugh Break

With all the election stuff, I just felt like having a good laugh.
I know I posted this a couple of years ago, but seriously, it never fails to make me laugh til I look ridiculous...

Watch it.
Then watch it a second time.

...and then find yourself singing the song at random times that seem really out of place.
"The world has gone insane, and you don't know what is right.
You gotta keep on keepin' on.
Get on that pig and hold on tight!"

And if you're wanting to read where I stand on all the election stuff, read yesterday's post.
But then come back here and watch the video again so tomorrow during election coverage you can be singing it repeatedly in your head.

...or outloud.
(I vote for outloud.)

(And I realize that spell check says "outloud" isn't a word. Technically it should be "out loud" or "out-loud." But, I say we make "outloud" the official correct spelling.
Just like I also say we should make "attackative" and actual word.
Because some people are very attackative lately.)

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